Blog thirty nine: Which type of Gua Sha should you be using?

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Today we’re going to be talking all about Gua Sha. 

Whether you’re new to the practice or a longstanding crystal enthusiast, I have got tons of fascinating information to share with you today. 

If you’ve been thinking about which Gua Sha or facial roller to implement in your own self-care routine, then this is for you. 

In this blog post we’ll be talking all about the holistic healing power of four amazing Gua Sha crystals. 

  • Jade 
  • Rose Quartz 
  • Clear Quartz 
  • Amethyst 

We’ll also delve into the ins and outs of crystal application, cleansing, and much more. 

Back to basics: Gua Sha vs. rollers 

Let’s rewind for a second. 

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing therapy. Its practitioners use massage tools to improve circulation in the face and promote better health, wellbeing, happiness, and healing. 

By relieving tension in the facial muscles, Gua Sha boosts circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. 

In fact, Gua Sha can even be used to help people suffering from chronic pain. I should know – facial massage was one of many wellness routines I used 17 years ago to help me heal myself from chronic illness. 

Gua Sha is a versatile and beautiful practice. And more and more people are discovering the incredible healing power of crystals for body, mind, and skincare as well. 

Combining these precious stones with Gua Sha practices is a truly magical experience. 

Facial rollers work in a similar way to Gua Sha tools but are much more gentle on the skin. A great option for people new to facial massage or new to the world of crystal healing in general. 

But you don’t have to choose between the two. I love combining my crystal rollers with Gua Sha and choosing which one my skin is asking for that day.

The qualities of crystals: can they really help your face & skin?

Not only are crystals beautiful and calming, but they can do wonders for your face and skin. 

When we take holistic health and combine it with our beauty practices, amazing things happen. So why not add crystals into your beauty and massage therapy practices? 

That’s exactly what Katie Blake (Hay’ou Method’s in-house Gua Sha and treatments expert) has been doing for years. No wonder she’s known as The Skin Whisper. Here is some information taken from episode 59 of The Face Yoga Expert Podcast where Katie and I chat all things crystal, Gua Sha and rollers.

Katie swears by this powerful combination of Gua Sha and rollers. She combines traditional beauty therapy and facials with holistic health and crystals to create a magical elixir of wellness that goes deeper than just the skin.

We want to help you discover the double the healing power by bringing crystals into your beauty and facial massage therapy routines. 

But which Gua Sha crystal is best for you?

Which Gua Sha should I be using?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Gua Sha. But actually, that’s the best thing about it. 

Crystals all have their amazing and unique properties. No matter what you’re going through there’s a  crystal there to support you through it. 

Let’s discuss the three main types of Gua Sha crystal which I stock on our website shop (plus a bonus favourite of ours). 

We’ll be discussing the qualities of each crystal, how to use it on the skin, who it’s best for and when it’s best to use it – yes, there are crystals for different times of day!

Shall we begin?

#1 Jade

The starter stone  

Jade is a beautiful all-rounder and the perfect ying-yang stone. Why? Because Jade creates balance and boasts so many spiritual benefits to boot. Jade is the good-luck stone. 

It helps you recognise your true self and encourages your innermost dreams. Jade is great for almost all skin types, making it our go-to entry level crystal. Jade is very strong in its material form. 

For your skin, that means it plumps, lifts, and sculpts. Perfect for achieving that youthful look. Plus it takes no time at all. Katie recommends using Jade as part of a 1 minute ritual each day. 

Ideal for busy folk and totally achievable as part of any daily routine. 

#2 Rose Quartz 

The heart of the matter 

Rose Quartz supports the heart energy. This is a loving and gentle crystal that calms us from worry and encourages self-love. 

A truly beautiful stone to have as part of your collection. We recommend using this stone in the morning (between 11am and 1pm is ideal) for a much needed energy boost throughout the day. 

1-5 minutes is all it takes. 

Plus sensitive skin types will love the delicate nature of Rose Quartz, making it absolutely perfect for people with eczema, acne or rosacea. Rose Quartz cools, calms, and soothes. 

#3 Clear Quartz 

The master healer 

Clear Quartz is called the master healer for good reason. It helps to clear the mind and amplifies your healing work. Clear Quartz is one of the purest crystals in existence. This gently, but powerful, stone bears light and enhances positive energy to all those in its presence. 

Clear Quartz is also fantastic for physical health. It boosts the immune system and brings the body back into its natural balance. Plus this is a crystal known to do wonders for your sleep. 

Adding Clear Quartz to your evening massage routine can help you get a great night’s rest. You could even try placing it under your pillow. When we get a full  7-9 hours of sleep, not only do we feel better in ourselves, but the added collagen production does wonders for our skin.  

#4 Amethyst 

Bonus favourite  

Amethyst is a lesser-used, but absolutely wonderful stone. I love keeping this one around the home for its calming, protective, and grounding qualities. 

Great for quietening a busy mind, getting through times of sadness or grief. Amethyst makes the perfect accompaniment to deep meditation. Just like Clear Quartz, it is amazing for our sleep. 

We recommend using Amethyst as part of your evening routine. It’ll fight inflammation, brighten, and calm the skin – even for sensitive skin types.  

Preparing the skin for Gua Sha and rollers? 

Once you’ve chosen your crystal, it’s time to start preparing your skin for a deep, healing massage. 

Fusion by Danielle Collins serum

But what exactly should you do?

It’s very simple. All you have to remember are these three steps. 

  1. Clean your skin
  2. Apply a serum or oil (this will help the stone or roller glide across the skin) 
  3. Wash your tools before reuse 

How to store Gua Sha and rollers?

There are many ways to store your Gua Sha tools and rollers. For example, you could:

  1. Keep them in their original pouch or a clean beauty bag
  2. Store them in the fridge (cold Gua Sha tools are extra soothing) 
  3. Keep them out and about on windowsills to recharge 

Moonlight charging 

The crystal enthusiasts amongst you might already know how to recharge your crystals’ energy. Crystals charge in the moonlight (especially during a full moon). So why not try leaving your crystals out to soak up all that moonlight energy. Katie likes to lay hers out on a windowsill to recharge over night in the moonlight. 

Crystal production & ethics 

If you’re interested in crystals but worried about the ethics of crystal production, that’s a legitimate concern. It is true that not all crystals are mined under ethical conditions. Beware of cheap crystal alternatives online. They are cheap for a reason. And that’s usually (a) because they are not pure crystals (they’re composite materials) or (b) they are from unethical sources.

All of our Gua Sha’s are stocked from the Hay’ou method. That means all of our crystals are ethically sourced. Because happy people mine happy crystals. And we want our crystals to be of the purest quality and energy possible. Check out our ethical crystals here

Join the face-yoga family 

You are cordially invited to join the face-yoga family and share in our passion for holistic health and beauty practices! We truly believe in the healing power and energy of crystals as the perfect antidote to our mind-body-soul (and skin) needs. So why not start combining skincare and meditation for a holistic health and beauty approach. 

It’s time to start feeling healthier and happier. 

Click here to find out more about face yoga and start your own journey as a face yoga teacher. 

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