35: What Lockdown Was REALLY Like For Me

Wow 2020 has been quite a year! Every one of us have gone through such a transformative time. Whether it’s been slowing down or being busier than normal, life changed massively particularly during the lockdown due to the global pandemic. In this episode I talk from my heart. I share exactly how lockdown felt for me, how it affected my family life, my work and my health. It’s an uncensored, fully raw and hopefully helpful episode that in some ways resonates with you.  Follow me on Instagram @faceyogaexpert

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  1. Hi Danielle, lovely podcast – glad Lucia is feeling better and getting on well. Look forward to seeing her at our next session. Ellie. x

  2. Dawn says:

    Well, I took timeout with my hot lemon waster in my garden doing face yoga whilst listening to your pod cast. I describe myself as a loner and I am very anxious about going back out into the world. I’m fortunate that my partner can keep the money coming in while my own business is on hold.. I have learnt more about myself in lockdown.. my personal needs as well as my family’s..I am fretful of sending my daughter to school when she has an underlying health problem, and as her mother being told kids are fine just doesn’t make it easier.. your podcast has given me a lot to think about in a positive way.. I shall certainly try to think about this situation in a different way, not just for her but all my family. My instinct is to protect but I am feeling the right to do that is being taken away from me. Thankyou Danielle

  3. Susan says:

    Hello Danielle, such a lovely podcast just can’t believe you experienced ‘shingles’ at your young age, your Lucia being at her age probably felt more emotional, hopefully she’s getting back to normal, Just love your stories, videos please keep it comin! I wish I found you earlier when COVID started but I’m so happy I can see your amazing videos now! Your so right these times are certainly not over yet all we can do is our part! You and your family stay safe and keep safe! 💕💕

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