151: Here’s 3 Ways To Use Your Intuition To Grow Your Brand Successfully 

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I went live on zoom to 400 amazing souls and I wanted to share the audio from this for you in this episode so you can use your intuition to grow your business and brand successfully too.

In this episode I explain that in order to tap into your intuition, you should connect to your 7 main energy centres (chakras) and in particular to the following 3 chakras:

  1. The solar plexus chakra -connecting to this chakra will help you have inner power, take action, be consistent and make gut instinct intuitive decisions. 
  2. The heart chakra – aligning this chakra will help you do more of what lights you up and do it with intuitive love. 
  3. The throat chakra – balancing this energy centre will enable you to speak your truth to yourself and understand what you really want. Then communicate your message correctly and authentically from an intuitive place.

I also give you reminders to:

  • Celebrate your wins
  • Say no to what doesn’t serve you
  • Invest in yourself and your education and knowledge
  • Keep doing the inner work
  • Have a clear soul purpose mission 
  • Remember that you can be healthy and wealthy and you are worthy
  • Your intuition is your greatest super power!

If you would like to go deeper in to this you can now start my 10 session online self study coaching course Be Your Own Brand

Also I have a 3 hour live course coming up, Soulful Social Media Success 

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