FAQ's Danielle Collins Face Yoga Teacher Training

The course is open to everyone, there is no need to have any previous experience. 

Do I need any particular qualifications or experience to begin Face Yoga Teacher Training?

Is the course accredited?

I (Danielle Collins) worked very hard to gain the accreditation for our courses so you can feel confident that you trained with the very best. The course is also approved and accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. This is an international qualification which enables you to teach Face Yoga to groups and individuals around the world.



How long does the course take?

You can do the training in your own time, there’s no time restrictions. You can do it for a few days, take a few weeks off etc. Whatever works for you. It's very flexible. No rush at all. Take all the time you need.

Do you offer any discounts on teacher training courses?

I do not offer promotions on our training as our courses are considerably cheaper than most anyway. Our goal for the teacher training is to make it as accessible as possible for people (both financially and time wise) whilst still fully equipping you to confidently and safely teach Face Yoga. 





Do you offer any payment plans?

It is possible to pay by instalments, although I would not be able to send the course materials until payment has been received in full.

Do you provide any Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

CPD is available to all teachers after completing the initial teacher training. Each month you are emailed new Face Yoga techniques to learn as well as new teaching, business tips and ideas (£15 per month). This means you can continue your education and gain fresh knowledge (and if you choose to do this you are listed as an Advanced Teacher on our website).

How will I receive the training materials?

The whole distance learning course is digital and online. The training manual consists of written lessons, diagrams, images, links to videos and podcasts. The manual is sent as an attachment which you can view electronically or if you prefer, you can of course, print it off yourself to read. The videos and podcasts are accessed by using the links provided within the manual. If you choose to train in a group course or a one to one course you will be sent this same digital manual and then you will do the rest of your training with your Super Trainer in person (or via video call if you choose that).

Do I get to keep the course materials?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the course. Training materials are in a digital format for distance learning. If you train in person in the group or one to one course, you will also get a printed paper version of the manual.

What language is the training? What if English is not my first language?

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Teacher Training programme is in English and we have trained many people from all across the world who do not speak English as their first language. My Super Trainers are very understanding and experienced in training people who do not speak English as their first language. The English written training manual consists of written lessons, diagrams, images, links to videos and podcasts. 
I will do everything we can to make sure you pass your assessment and you will not be marked down for issues with language. You can also use google translate to translate any of the manual you do not understand.
I do have some Super Trainers who speak other languages so please enquire about this as in some cases you may be able to do your assignments (or even face to face training) in your language.

What’s the difference between doing distance learning training with Danielle Collins or another Super Trainer?

You will receive the same course, have the same assessments and be awarded the same certificate whether you do the course with a Super Trainer or myself. All of our Super Trainers are trained to the same high standard in the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, and they are all fully qualified and excellent at what they do in their own right. Every Trainer has their own unique experiences and personality of course so that is the only thing that will differ.
If you have a Super Trainer as your trainer for distance learning, they will mark your written exam, do your practical exam via video call with you and be a support should you have any questions before or after the training. If you choose myself as your trainer, I will do all these things.

I am the founder of Danielle Collins Face Yoga, a published best selling author in 13 languages, with many apps and DVDs and work regularly on TV. I believe in helping people to naturally feel great. You may like to look on my website for more info on my story. If you choose myself as your Super Trainer you will have the benefit of my many years of professional experience and expertise in the industry.
Only Super Trainers do the one to one training and group training options but please be assured you will get the very best service and training experience.

Is the course internationally recognised?

This is an international qualification which enables you to teach Face Yoga to groups and individuals around the world.
The course is  approved and accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Is the course recognised by UK insurers?

My training is recognised by UK Insurers and as part of the training programme there is a dedicated section on recommended insurance providers.

The certificate states that you have been trained in the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, it doesn't name your Super Trainer or who you trained with. I personally signs each and every certificate regardless of who you trained with.

If I choose the "Distance Learning with Danielle Collins", will this be written on my certificate or doesn't it matter with whom I do the distance learning? 






Will I learn about face massage/face exercise techniques?

In the training you learn over 60 face exercises, face massage, acupressure and energy work techniques. You also learn over 25 wellness techniques. The course focuses on understanding Face Yoga, anatomy and physiology, how to teach one to one and group sessions, Face Yoga as a business and health and safety. 


How much work will I get when I complete the course?

This is really up to you and how much you would like to do after the course. My first advice is to take some time to use my ‘magic wand’ technique. This involves taking some time and writing down what your perfect Face Yoga week/month/year would look like. For example your ideal may be to have 4 one to one clients a day or it may be to do 1 group workshop per month. You may want to work full time, part time, from home or travel the world. You may love working with groups or you may prefer one to one. There’s no right or wrong answer. The beauty about being a Face Yoga teacher is that you can design a life/business/career/job that suits your lifestyle, goals, personality and dreams. The course gives you all the skills you need to be a great Face Yoga teacher and if you decide to take the monthly Continued Professional Development training you will learn even more skills. But it’s also important to remember that your success is down to you. We give you the skills but you design your business the way you like. We have some amazing success stories of teachers who took the course (often with no prior Face Yoga or business experience) and have gone on to have full time diaries of clients, teach around the world, write books, appear on TV, build massive social media followings and have huge financial success. But once again, we gave them the skills and inspiration and they built the success through their own hard work. Face Yoga can be the most amazing business or even part time job and remember what you put in to it is what you get out of it!

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How does this course vary from other courses I have seen online?

I never like to compare our course to other peoples. I believe in energy and if this course feels right for you and you feel a connection to me then it's perfect for you! But of course I know you will want some more information to back up that gut feeling you have about this teacher training. I (Danielle Collins) have over 17 years experience teaching Face Yoga and have taught to millions of people worldwide. I have had two books published on the subject which are both bestsellers and I regularly appear as an expert on TV and in the press. I have also taken many professional trainings myself. I have a first class honours university degree from Bath Spa University in Education and English and that degree in teaching, education and writing has proven invaluable in creating and running this Face Yoga certification. I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher, Professional Relaxation Therapist and have many other diplomas in Face Massage, Nutrition, Reiki 1 and 2, Crystal Singing Bowls as well as introductory trainings in Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage, the Alexander Technique, EFT and Meditation. I have also won awards for my work in the field of Face Yoga and work with major global brands and this training course has gained external accreditations. But most of all I am blessed to be living my soul purpose through Face Yoga. This course was created from a heart centred space with a. deep desire to help you gain the skills and knowledge to teach, share and work with Face Yoga so you can also have a business/career you love.