Blog Thirteen: How to tone the nose naturally with Face Yoga

Blog 13
Danielle Collins The Face Yoga Expert

You may not realize it, but your nose never stops growing. No, it doesn’t grow every time you tell a lie like Pinnochio! But as we age, the tissues in our nose weaken. This results in a saggier or more pronounced nose. 

When this happens, some may consider getting plastic surgery. However, there is another way to tone and shape your nose without going under the knife. 

Today, we will discuss a few ways you can (and can’t) use face yoga to reshape your nose. 

How Does Your Nose Change With Age? 

Before we get into nose slimming face yoga techniques, let’s talk about how your nose changes overtime.

The nose is made up of cartilage, bone, and soft tissues. As time goes on, the skin and tissues in your nose loose strength. 

This is why you’ll notice a more dragged down appearance to your nose. Also, the glands in your nose expand which gives it a wider and bulbous look. 

Not only does your nose change in appearance as you age, but it also changes the way you breathe. Airflow through the nostrils shifts when the nose shape changes.

What helps your nose retain its shape is collagen and elastin. This will help the skin surrounding your nose stay firm and strong. 

As we get older, our skin produces less collagen and elasticity decreases. One way to boost collagen is through facial massage and face yoga techniques. 

With healthy and firm skin around your nose, you’ll achieve a more youthful and symmetrical nose shape.

What Are Some Myths About Face Yoga for Nose Slimming?

When some people begin to do face yoga for a slimmer nose, they expect a dramatic change immediately. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. 

Since the nose is primarily made up of bone and cartilage, it isn’t the easiest to tone. Still, it is possible to tone the muscles around the nose to give it a more toned appearance.

The main muscles we will be toning to today are nasalis muscle, the muscle alongside the bridge of your nose, and risorius muscle, the smiling muscle. 

When these muscles lose strength, it drags down the appearance of your face and gives your nose a less defined look. 

Nose Toning Face Yoga Techniques

face yoga expert

To learn exactly how to do these techniques please watch this youtube video.

Alternate Nose Breathing

Step 1: Take your thumb and hold your left nostril closed — breath in with the other nostril.

Step 2: Hold both nostrils closed for 1 second and release your finger from your left nostril — exhaling at the release.

Step 3: Hold your right closed nostril with your index finger.

Step 4: Breath in through the opposite nostril.

Step 5: Hold both nostrils closed for one second and release.

Repeat this sequence for about 1 minute. 

This exercise helps to tone the cartilage in the nostrils. It also aids in reducing anxiety, clearing sinuses, and balancing both brain hemispheres. 

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Nasalis Toning

Step 1: Place your two index fingers beside your nostrils.

Step 2: Press your fingers in this area — applying moderate pressure.

Step 3: Flare and release your nostrils against the resistance of your fingers at a rate of 1 ‘flare’ per second.

Repeat this exercise for up to 1 minute. 

This exercise helps to strengthen the nasalis muscle, which helps give the bridge of your nose a slimmed appearance. 

Nose Tip Press

Step 1: Place your index finger on the tip of your nose.

Step 2: Apply slight pressure, pressing downward.

Step 3: Take deep breaths in and out.

Repeat this for 1 minute

This exercise helps to keep the cartilage in the tip of your nose strong and healthy.

Nose Bridge Massage

Step 1: Place index and thumb on each side of your nose bridge.

Step 2: Applying slight pressure, gently massage the bridge of your nose — going in an up and down motion.

Repeat this exercise for 1 minute. 

This technique boosts circulation in your skin and helps keep the area firm.

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Nasolabial Massage

Step 1: Tuck your lips inward — so that your mouth forms a straight line.

Step 2: Take your index finger and place them on the sides of your mouth — where your nasolabial folds are.

Step 3: Slightly lift the corners of your lips — making a smiling shape.

Step 4: Use index fingers to smooth the skin on the sides on the mouth

Repeat the massaging motion for up to 1 minute.

This face yoga technique helps to lift the cheeks and smooth out smile lines. 

Cheek Tap

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Step 1: Puff out your cheeks.

Step 2: Using three fingers — index, middle, and ring finger — press down on top of your lips.

Step 3: Lightly tap your cheek — repeat this for 10 seconds and switch sides.

Alternate sides for 1 minute. 

This exercise helps to tone cheek muscles and boost circulation in the skin surrounding your nose. 

Additional Tips for Nose Toning Face Yoga

Here are a few ways you can reap the most rewards from face yoga:

Be Consistent

You will not see immediate results, but if you complete these exercises daily, you will see a difference in your nose shape. This area is renowned for being slower to tone or see a difference in compared to other areas of the face.

Wash Your Hands

Be sure to complete these exercises with clean hands. Dirty hands will force bacteria and impurities in your pores, which can cause breakouts. 

Use a Facial Serum or Oil

Applying a facial oil or serum helps you get the most skin-plumping benefits from face yoga. I recommend the Pro Lift Moisturising Serum — it’s lightweight formula won’t clog pores and provides your skin with vital nutrients. 

Know that no one is perfect

It is easy to get worried or anxious when our face isn’t the way we expect it to be but please know it is normal to have an uneven face, lines on the face and a nose that isn’t the exact shape we would want. Taking time to do affirmations, breathing and mediation help us to feel a sense of gratitude for our face, acceptance of who we are and even a feeling of self love.

Unlock the Beauty of Face Yoga

A more symmetrical nose isn’t the only benefit of practising face yoga. It has the potential to transform your skin but most importantly your mind. 

To learn more about the beauty of face yoga, be sure to check out the Face Yoga e-Course by Danielle Collins.

You can also watch video demonstrations of the exercises discussed here on the Face Yoga Expert YouTube Channel

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