Blog Twenty Three: How To Tone A Double Chin Without Surgery


One of the most common questions I have had from clients in my clinics, teacher training programmes and online coaching over the past 16 years is, how do we reduce a double chin without resorting to surgery?

Well let’s start with the facts. While we can’t exercise an area and have fat melt away in that one spot, we can tone the muscles in that area, leading to a sleeker, slimmer appearance. Face Yoga won’t burn fat from your jaw and chin but it can help the muscle look lifted, firmer and help the skin to glow naturally.

My name is Danielle Collins, the World leading expert in facial yoga and a best-selling author, and I believe in something very strongly, That we should ALL have the opportunity to look and feel the best version of ourselves using safe, simple and effective techniques that easily fit into our busy lifestyle. With daily dedication of these facial rejuvenation techniques, anyone tone and lift their face and neck via exercise. 

When it comes to a double chin, if it is caused by excess body fat accumulating in that area, the first port of call is to start a daily body exercise and healthy eating routine which will burn fat overall. This will help to slim down the lower face. Then, you can add it double chin toning exercises to help the muscles look and feel firmer.

Face Yoga doesn’t require any special equipment, and all you have to do is lift your head, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth so you’re feeling it in your neck–holding it for 1 second–and repeat 60 times. You can try this out with this Youtube video

I absolutely love what I do, and I love seeing my clients’ results. My workouts have allowed millions of people who follow The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method bypass expensive plastic surgeons, and I know you’ll have amazing results too! Start today so you can say goodbye to your double chin tomorrow! 

If you would like a daily structured programme I recommend my 10 day course where you will do 10 minutes of toning Face Yoga daily and get a full digital copy of my book, Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga which is packed full of Face Yoga, wellness and skincare advice. 

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