50: It’s Time To “Own Your Awful” and Live A Life Of Joy: Tinamarie Clark Explains How

Tinamarie Clark Shift Stirrer

This week’s guest is model, mother and life coach Tinamarie Clark. She is the author of the self care and mindfulness book, The Shift Stirrer Method. As always on my podcast, there is some very open and real conversation. Tinamarie talks about how she went from being angry, defensive and combative in her early modelling days to a journey of self healing and self love. She shares how one of the most powerful tools she used to transform and still uses now is to ‘own your awful’. This is about giving a voice to our deepest fears and flaws and by doing this, they lose their power. I even had a go at this exercise and it brought up 3 fears of the way people may perceive me…which as I said then, I realised how silly I am being!  This is a podcast full of truth, raw reality and transformative techniques that we can all use. You can learn more about Tinamarie’s techniques at shiftstirrer.com and follow her on Instagram: @tinamarieclark and @shiftstirrermethod

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