Summer evokes memories of sun, sea and sand. During the retreat we will use these mediums to guide us through our wellness rituals: 

Sun: is about warmth, energy, glow and we will be exploring these themes through Face Yoga. You will experience and learn Face Yoga moves which will bring a new summer sparkle to your skin. Through facial exercise, facial massage and facial acupressure you will lift and firm your face and feel a sense of joy and wellness too. You will ideally need clean skin and a little moisturiser or moisturising serum. 

Sea: is about movement, fluidity and strength and we will be diving into these concepts with Pilates and Yoga. Through this beautiful combination of Pilates and Yoga you will stretch and strengthen your body to feel freedom and ease. You will use your breath to find the balance and peace as well. This is suitable for all levels and you will have options to do the exercises more gently if you like. You will need a Yoga mat for this part of the retreat. 

Sand: is about support, softness, relaxation and that's how you will feel in this final part of the retreat. You will do some journaling work where you will set intentions for your mind, body, face and life as well as design some personalised affirmations to help you feel the best version of you during the summer . You will also enjoy being guided through summer themed visualisations and calming relaxation. You will need a pen and paper or a notebook/journal as well as a cosy blanket for relaxation. 

What’s included in the retreat:

1. Face Yoga (to lift and tone your face)
2. Pilates and Yoga (to stretch and strengthen your body)
3. Journaling, affirmations and guided relaxation (to calm your mind)

Saturday 10th June 3pm- 6pm BST via Zoom

3 hours of joyful, calming and uplifting Face Yoga, Yoga, Pilates, wellness and relaxation to start your summer soulfully


The Face Yoga summer Retreat 

The retreat will be taught live on zoom and you will get a full recording of it afterwards.

Don't worry if you can't make the retreat live, just book your place and a recording will be sent to you 48 hours after the retreat.