The retreat has the theme of ‘Spring’ and will guide you through techniques to start this new season with joy, wellness and vibrancy.

Enjoy this recording of the retreat that you can enjoy in your own time for life.

The retreat is 3 hours and is suitable for all levels.

What’s included in the retreat: 

1. Face Yoga: the first part of your retreat will be focused on Face Yoga techniques to lift your face, ease tension and give your skin a vibrant glow. You will experience and learn the best natural facial exercises, facial massage and facial acupressure for your healthiest, happiest skin ever! You will just need clean hands and face, a mirror and some serum, oil or cream.

2. Yoga: the second part of your retreat will lead you through a gentle flowing Hatha Yoga class to release tension from your body, gently stretch away stress and tone up your muscles in a mindful and holistic way. The Yoga will be for your body but I will introduce body poses which also benefit your face. You will simply need a Yoga mat for this part and it will be gentle so suitable for all abilities.

3. Relaxation: the final part of your blissful retreat will be a calming guided relaxation session. This will focus on breathwork, visualisation, affirmations and I will play the beautiful crystal sound bowls so you can experience the deeply healing sensation of sound therapy as you relax. For this session you will just need a quiet spot to lie or sit plus a warm blanket to wrap up in.

3 hours of blissful Face Yoga, relaxation techniques and Yoga to calm your mind, lift your face and gently release tension from your body. The perfect way to start Spring looking and feeling refreshed. 


The Face Yoga Spring Retreat