The  Face Yoga Journal

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You can enjoy my book in three ways: 



"Fabulous self love face yoga book. Highly recommend." Debs

"This book is a must have for anyone looking to invest in their overall health and wellbeing. It has lots of wonderful and easy to implement daily wellness hacks. It's clearly written, inspiring and motivating. Journaling progress really helps keep you focused. Danielle’s Face Yoga techniques really help to improve overall health and wellness, not just your face!" Louise T

"This is a great guide to facial yoga." Ms Allen

"I’ve followed Danielle for a long time, always v enjoyable and  easy to follow instructions!! I couldn’t wait for her book to come out and it has NOT disappointed me at all! Highly recommended!!"  Maria

This is your ultimate Face Yoga guide for each day of the year. As it's undated, it can be started at any time of year and then used for 52 weeks, supporting you through a year of Face Yoga practice, and encouraging you to take daily time out for self-care along the way. With me, by your side, offering a new exercise each week, plus a motivational quote, a weekly wellness hack and a chance to set yourself a goal and then reflect on your progress at the week's end, you'll be motivated to continue practising and reap the benefits of fresher, more vibrant and younger-looking skin. And it takes just 2 minutes a day to fill in the journal and do the Face Yoga exercise. You can spend more if you like, but just 2 minutes a day will work – and surely we can all spare 2 minutes for ourselves!