blog fifty one: A Quick Morning Face Lift Massage with a Teaspoon

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Today, I’m showing you a quick morning massage that gives a non-surgical facelift. This Face Yoga routine uses a teaspoon. We will massage, lift, smooth, and incorporate a touch of acupressure.

It’s a fun way to move the lymph, drain any puffiness, and gently wake yourself up. You can also put your teaspoon in the fridge for a few minutes, for a soothing cool effect.

You can watch my YouTube video, if you’d like to do it along with me.

If you’re pregnant (or think you could be), skip movement seven. This acupressure point shouldn’t be stimulated during pregnancy.

We’ll begin with clean hands, clean face, and a very clean teaspoon. Remember to always work to your own level, when doing any Face Yoga exercise.

Apply a touch of facial serum to help the teaspoon glide. My natural skincare serum contains botanicals like rosehips, green tea extract, and carrot oil. These help to purify, tone, and regenerate the skin. It will leave you radiant, with a beautiful morning glow. 

Let’s begin.

Move One

Gently bring your head to one side. Glide the back of the teaspoon, down your neck to your collarbone. Glide from beside the jawbone, right underneath your ear.

Do this five times. On your fifth glide down, wiggle the teaspoon in place at the end. Now, gently turn your head to the other side. Glide down another five times. This movement aids with lymphatic drainage.

Move Two

Smooth the spoon across the jawline. Smooth from the centre of your chin, over to just beside your ear. 

Do this five times on each side.

Move Three

Now we’ll lift from the jaw up to the nose. 

Place the back of your spoon in the middle of your lower jawline. It should be just about two finger widths from your lips.

Smooth the spoon up, ending beside your nostril. Do this five times on each side.

Move Four

Place the back of the spoon under your chin.

With lips together, pulse your tongue up and down at least twenty times.

Move Five

Place the spoon against your nose, just under the eye socket. Glide down around your cheekbone, then up to the temple.

Do this five times, then repeat on the other side.

Move Six

Place the spoon’s handle in your mouth. Fold your lips around it. Place your index fingers on either side of your mouth, right into any nasolabial lines.

Now move the spoon up and down, twenty times.

Move Seven

Note: Skip this movement if you’re pregnant, or just think you could be.

Place the spoon’s handle on the acupressure point between the centre of your nose and lip. 

Hold there for five seconds.

Move Eight

Now smooth the back of the spoon, around your eye area.

Gently smooth from the inner corners, down across the eye socket, and up to your temple. End with a gentle push up. Do this eight times on each side.

Move Nine

Smooth up the middle of your forehead. Begin between your eyebrows and go right up to your hairline.

Do this eight times.

Then smooth your spoon up and off to one side.  Smooth to one side eight times, then repeat on the other side.


Now we’ll smooth across our forehead. 

Begin in the centre of your forehead, just above one eye. Smooth across to the other side, ending at the hairline.

Do this five times, then repeat on the other side.


Now we’ll do some acupressure.

First, press the back of your spoon against the point between your brows. Hold for just a brief moment.

Then press against your eye socket, in line with your pupils. Press on each side, holding for a moment.

Now move the spoon up above your brow, in line with your pupils. Press on each side for a moment.

Go back below the eye socket one more time. Gently press on each side for a moment.


Finish by smoothing the spoon down the sides of your neck again.

This little Face Yoga routine is perfect when you’re busy or don’t have much time. You can find more mini routines like this on my Instagram channel. I love sharing quick tips and exercises there. It’s a great place to stay in touch.

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