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Do you have a passion to help others look and feel great?

We are dedicated to empower you to have a toolbox of knowledge and techniques to add to your current skillset, bring a new dimension to your business or to start a career in something new and exciting (as no prior experience is needed). Both of our courses enable you to teach clients how to use the techniques on themselves instead of you having to perform the techniques on your clients which means you can teach via video calls and to groups as well as individuals.

Since the course launch in 2011, we have thousands of teachers in over 50 countries who have joined our Face Yoga family and are teaching Face Yoga around the world .

I have teamed up with the market leaders in Gua Sha and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hayo'u, and it's founder Katie Brindle, as well as Katie Blake to bring you this amazing tool and training. 

Facial gua sha

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Face Yoga

Course Structure

 Do the written exam and then the practical exam via video call. Get your certificate. 

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Receive your manual. Get an email from your trainer. 

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