This week my guest is Sarah Beth, founder of Sarah Beth Yoga. Sarah Beth has over 12 years of experience teaching Yoga to many millions of people worldwide through her popular Yoga Youtube channel and App. In this episode we chat about: You can connect with Sarah Beth via and on Instagram  @sarahbethyoga The Face Yoga […]

the face yoga expert podcast

Something many of us struggle with is tension and tightness in our necks and shoulders. Long hours sitting at desks can easily take their toll, as can the strain of always looking down at our phones or carrying small children.  When our shoulders and necks are tight, this has a knock-on effect on the rest […]

the face yoga expert

Did you know that the Yoga you do for your body can also be amazing for lifting, firming and toning the face? My guest this week is Annelise Hagen, a US based Yoga instructor and author of The Yoga Face and we both very excitedly chat about our shared love for Face Yoga and Yoga! In […]

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast