This week my guest is Anita Bhagwandas, multi-award winning freelance journalist, broadcaster, brand consultant and beauty columnist. She is also the author of ‘Ugly: Giving Us Back Our Beauty Standards’. In this weeks episode we delve in to why and how we should be re-defining our beauty standards and we chat about: You can connect […]

Anita Bhagwandas

Recently, I’ve felt especially called to share a few tips to help you grow your business in a way that feels fully aligned with your true self. These tips arrived in my head almost as an intuitive download (while I was in the shower!), so I’ve spoken about them briefly on my YouTube channel and in more […]

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Most of us will notice some differences between the two sides of our faces. It is very, very rare for anyone to have a perfectly symmetrical face. However, many of us will find that we tend to overuse one side of the face – just the same way as we are likely to use one […]

the face yoga expert blog

Are you ready for 2023 to be your best year ever?! This week is a solo episode where I lead you through my 6 stage process to help you manifest your dreams. I have used this process personally and professionally for both myself and with my business coaching clients. This short episode is the perfect way to guarantee you will meet […]

the face yoga expert

This week my guest is Stacie CC Graham a Yoga and mindfulness teacher, management consultant, executive coach, founder, speaker and writer. In this episode Stacie shares tips which are helpful for all female entrepreneurs but also for anyone looking to feel more present in their daily life. We chat about: You can connect with Stacie via and and connect with her […]

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Face yoga is a beautiful practice whatever age you are. But in this blog post, I particularly want to run through five face yoga techniques that are wonderful for people in their 60s.  Now, you can do this routine at any age – whether you’re under 60, in your 60s, in your 70s, 80s, 90s, […]

the face yoga expert

As you might already know, I’ve recently felt strongly called to share more of my knowledge and experience in building a successful wellness brand. After 17 years of growing my Face Yoga Expert business, I’ve learnt a lot about what it takes to create a brand that is both successful and fully aligned with my soul purpose. […]

the face yoga expert blog

Over the last 17 years as the Face Yoga Expert, I’ve seen my business grow. From the early days of running multiple face yoga classes, yoga classes, and one-to-one wellness sessions, to publishing two bestselling books, to launching my online courses, podcast and skincare line, I’ve been blessed with some amazing opportunities. I’ve also appeared on […]

the face yoga expert blog

Tova Leigh is my guest this week. She is an Author, performer, podcaster, blogger and has a huge online following where many of her videos on motherhood and life go viral. Tova is unashamedly herself and often says the things that many of us feel ashamed or embarrassed to say. Her honesty is refreshing and relatable and […]

Tova Leigh

If you are a Mother or someone who cares for others in any way or form in your life, Dina from Kensington Mums is here to help. As founder and creator of this international online community for mothers and women Dina, explains exactly why we need to take time to look after our wellness in simple […]

Dina Maktabi