If you sit in front of a computer monitor for long hours, it’s normal for your eyes to get tired. Staring at a bright screen can create a strain on your eyes. But what can you do about it? We have the remedy – an easy massage that targets an acupressure point between your eyes.  […]

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Dhruvin Patel (AKA The Eye Expert) is an Optometrist and founder of Ocushield, a medically rated blue light blocking range which protects our eyes and helps our sleep and wellbeing. In this episode he shares his knowledge on tips on how we can have healthy eyes inside and out. We chat about:  Dhruvin’s journey in to […]

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Lockdown and quarantine has meant our eyes have taken extra strain. Increased screen time means tired eyes, lots of squinting and over worked eye muscles. Stress and anxiety about the pandemic often means less sleep which results in bags, puffiness and dark circles. We can often find that we are even indulging in the wrong foods which impacts the skin […]

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