We are getting vulnerable in this episode! I had a lovely chat with bestselling author, poet, mystic, artist and mother Rebecca Campbell. We both open up about some difficult moments and our soul awakenings both before and since becoming mothers. In this episode we cover: Rebecca’s oracle cards and why I love them! Rebecca’s journey into […]

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So I have big news! I have an exciting new offering for you. Welcome to Soul Purpose business! This is a place for women who love wellness to grow their business in a conscious, healthy and results driven way.  Who is this for?️You have started a business but are ready to grow it and make a BIG impact on the […]

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I’m looking at a slightly different topic than usual in this blog post – we’re not going to run through any Face Yoga techniques but instead will look at some of my top tips for growing your business. This may be as Face Yoga teacher or wellness practitioner but these tips apply whatever industry you are in. […]

the face yoga expert blog

In a world that is often dominated by masculine energy, it can be difficult to embrace our feminine sides and become our full, authentic selves. So many topics feel like they are off-limits or taboo, making it hard for us to share our experiences and come to know ourselves fully. Those of you who read […]

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This post is all about posture! It is something that is often overlooked but is hugely important when it comes to the face.  Poor posture can cause all sorts of issues, including lines and wrinkles, tension, and uneven skin tone. Sadly, our modern lives often mean that we spend a lot of time slumped in […]

the face yoga expert blog

Holly Husler is my guest this week and she is a sound healer, musician and wellness teacher. Her journey started as a pop star in a girl band and now, fully aligned with her soul purpose, she shares the wonderful power of sound to her community of women around the world. In this episode we […]

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Let’s talk chakras, soul purpose and being financially abundant and free! Amber- Lee Lyons, creator of Chakra Girl Co is the perfect person to chat about this with us. She is a 7 figure CEO of a business and  community of modern spiritual women elevating the collective by living their soul’s purpose, one activated chakra at a […]

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