A lot of people have asked me recently about the holistic treatments and self-care practices I use to support my health and wellness. I’m planning on doing a whole podcast episode soon on the personal self-care methods I use at home, but this blog post will focus on the treatments I see other people for. This is […]

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This week is a solo episode and I talk about holistic and self care treatments that are important to me and have made a difference to my life, health and business. I talk about: Acupuncture – I see Melanie Leeson https://www.melanieleesonacupuncture.co.uk Chiropractic – I see Shaana Van Aardenne https://familychiropracticcentre.co.uk EFT – I recommend Rowena Beaumont https://www.rowenabeaumont.com and Poppy Delbridge https://www.poppydelbridge.com/rapid-tapping Somatic Experience – I see […]

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Nahid de Belgeonne, known as “the nervous system whisperer”,  is a Somatic Movement coach and yoga teacher with a passion for sharing the healing benefits of movement. In this weeks episode we chat about wellness, Yoga and internal healing and share natural and effective tips and advice to help you feel less stressed and more in alignment with your true self. […]

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

Yoga can help our mind, body and face look and feel great but does it help us lose weight? Phoebe Greenacre is a Yoga teacher, Meditation Expert and Somatic Therapist as well as co founder of the activewear brand Silou. In this week’s episode we chat about whether Yoga can help you lose weight and, if so, how. We […]

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