In this blog post, I’m sharing three quick and easy massage techniques you can use to address those small lines that can appear above the eyebrows. These techniques are especially good for reducing vertical wrinkles – and they’ll help you feel amazing too!  Small vertical lines above the eyebrows often appear as we get older. […]

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If you spend a lot of time at your desk, this blog post is for you! I’m running through a quick Face Yoga routine that you can do while sitting at your desk. We’ll be focusing on techniques that relieve common issues that can crop up when we’re sitting for a long time and working […]

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This week my guest is Larisa Petrini who is an Age Reversal Expert known for turning back the clock 10 years and specialises in non-invasive reverse ageing programs made to measure from DNA.In this week’s episode we chat about: Larisa’s journey in to health and wellness The ‘beauty thieves’ which Larisa says can ‘steal’ our youthful looks The […]

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This weeks guest is Pippa Campbell who is a Functional Nutrition and Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutrigenomics Specialist who helps many women balance their hormones. In this interesting and informative chat we discuss: PMS PMDD Perimenopause The Pill and coil HRT Acne Dry skin and wrinkles Skin conditions Menopause Natural solutions to balance hormones You can connect with […]

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In this blog post, I’m sharing five simple, quick, and easy tips that will help you to avoid breakouts and keep your skin looking clearer. No special equipment or products needed for any of these – they are all things you can start doing today. I’ve tried to concentrate on tips that aren’t often talked […]

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Ready to massage?! This week is a follow along episode. I guide you through an easy facial massage that you can do every day at home. It’s super simple and really effective for lifting and firming the skin plus will help you look and feel glowing.  Useful links: Get my weekly newsletter full of tips […]

Many of us over-express with our eyebrows and forehead, leading to tension in the muscles and an increased risk of developing lines in this area. So, in this post, I’m going to run through five simple facial massage techniques that help to smooth the forehead, release muscle tension, and reduce lines and wrinkles. This is […]

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Have you considered trying Face Yoga? This practice can benefit so many people who want to reduce the appearance of aging and overall tone their face. In fact, many practitioners experience results in just a few sessions. Meet some of our happiest customers and what changes they experienced with Face Yoga! Although these photos and […]

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There is a proven difference in the way men and women’s skin age. On the whole it is agreed that women’s skin appears older than men of the same age but there are differences in skin ages between the genders in a few ways. Upper Face Despite the fact that women’s skin in the upper […]

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It’s time to learn more about at home microcurrent devices! I have wanted to do a podcast on this for ages and I thought, who better to give the very best advice to use than Chris Luckham, head of education and brand supervisor at Foreo. I have personally tried both the Foreo Bear and the […]

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