Face Yoga is often used to tone and lift our faces naturally. But it also has other benefits for our health and wellness. In this post, I’m sharing five simple facial massage techniques that can help to relieve the symptoms of a cold, headache, or blocked sinuses.  Make sure you have a clean face and […]

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Today, we’ll focus on the lower face area. I’ll show you some Face Yoga techniques for lifting, toning, and strengthening the jaw and any sagging jowls. The jaw is a big, strong muscle. We often hold stress, tension, anxiety, fears, and other emotions here. What we’re feeling and thinking can really imprint on this area […]

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A lot of us suffer from sinus issues, particularly if they we have allergies or are suffering from a cold. And while you should always seek medical advice, there are times when you need quick relief from the pressure that can build up in the sinus area. So if you suffer from blocked sinuses or […]