In this post, I’m going to take you through a quick and easy Face Yoga sequence that focuses on defining and sculpting your cheekbones. You might even see the effects of some of these techniques instantly, so it is a great set of moves to use just before you go out. Of course, we can’t […]

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Today I’m bringing you six cheek lifting Face Yoga exercises from an Instagram Live class I did with globally renowned makeup artist, Nadira V Persaud. We both show you our favourite three moves and you can follow along using this video  For these exercises, you will need a touch of face serum or oil on freshly cleansed skin […]

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When you are stressed, you can end up holding a lot of tension in your lower face and jaw area. Often, this results in your skin looking tired and dull. You might also find lines developing, especially around the corners of your mouth. This post will cover a quick routine to rejuvenate the lower face. […]

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