The forehead is one area where many of us experience lines and wrinkles. A big reason for this is that we tend to overuse our foreheads and eyebrows when we’re expressing and talking, causing tension in the muscles. While some people turn to Botox or other injectables to relax the forehead and reduce lines and […]

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As you may well know by now if you regularly read this blog, I am a big believer in quick and effective wellness habits that we can easily add to our daily routines.  Today’s post falls into that category. The forehead is an area where many of us see lines and wrinkles developing as we age. […]

The Face Yoga Expert blog

We often wake up with our faces looking different from when we went to sleep as a lot happens to our faces when we sleep. I want to share some simple Face Yoga moves and top tips you can use to reduce any morning lines and wrinkles. There are two types of lines we get when we sleep. […]

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Today I’m going to show you techniques for naturally lifting the eyebrows and eyelids . These will help strengthen, tone, and reduce hooded eyes for a non-surgical lift. These are just a few little tips and hints, isolated exercises that you can integrate into your full daily routine. I do recommend practicing a structured daily […]

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