Although many of my Face Yoga sequences focus on the face and neck, I also love to share techniques that centre on other parts of the body, so this blog post is dedicated to the chest area. As well as helping to naturally smooth chest lines and smooth the skin, the techniques I’m going to […]

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This post is all about posture! It is something that is often overlooked but is hugely important when it comes to the face.  Poor posture can cause all sorts of issues, including lines and wrinkles, tension, and uneven skin tone. Sadly, our modern lives often mean that we spend a lot of time slumped in […]

the face yoga expert blog

Are you looking to lift, tone, and firm your skin this year? If so, I have five easy tips for you that you can implement straight away to give you firmer and healthier skin naturally. I’m really going back to the core of face yoga in this post and covering the fundamental principles that make […]

The Face Yoga expert blog

Although most of what I share with you here is Face Yoga, one of my earliest steps into the world of holistic health was traditional Yoga. And body yoga remains a vital part of my daily routine too of course. In fact, one of the many reasons I developed my Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method because […]

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