Number 11 lines are those vertical lines that appear between our eyebrows. The ones that look a bit like the number 11 (which is where they get their name).  These lines are usually caused by us pulling our eyebrows in together – something we’re more likely to do when we’re stressed or tense.  There are […]

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Take a glance in the mirror when you have been sat at your desk for a while. If you are anything like me you may spot that without realising it, you have tensed the area between the eyebrows. As well as having an awareness through the day, here are a few facial massages you can […]

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Increase your energy and expressiveness with this simple eye yoga technique “A little and often” is a motto that has been life-changing for me. It describes a way of approaching habits that focuses on making small changes and repeating them regularly. These small changes can add up to big results over time, which is why […]

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