Many people find Face Yoga first because they’re interested in lifting their faces naturally, but it doesn’t take long before they realise how many deeper wellness benefits there are to making Face Yoga a regular part of their daily routine. For me, it is those benefits for our health and wellbeing that are the most […]

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This blog post is all about the healing power of flowers and how we can use them to support our minds, bodies, and souls, as well as our faces. I had a great chat recently with Katie Hess, an expert in flower alchemy and founder of Lotuswei. Katie joined me on the Face Yoga Expert Podcast to share some […]

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In Face Yoga, we talk a lot about how we can all stay healthy and well through natural lifestyle changes. But something that is often overlooked is longevity – not just how we can look and feel happier and healthier right now but also how we can make sure we stay that way for the […]

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Starting your day with some facial massage is a fantastic way to wake up your skin and help you look bright and energised.  Facial massage is also a wonderful part of your daily self-care practice. Taking even just a few minutes to nourish your skin with a loving touch through Face Yoga helps to remind […]

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Our skin loses some of its elasticity and the muscles around our eyes grow weaker as we age. Plus lifestyle, genetics and stress can all play a part. Fortunately, Face Yoga offers a simple way to reduce eye bags naturally.  By working with the circulation and lymphatic drainage, we improve the health of our skin […]

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If you would like to understand more about why you grind your teeth, what TMj is and how to reduce it and how to get a shiny white smile, I have my dentist on the show today. Dr Robbie Thompson is a specialist doctor in maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery. In this podcast we chat […]

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Tracy Duhs is a modern wellness advocate, hydration expert and educator and she is hugely passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom about the importance of water for our health. In this fascinating episode we talk about: Tracy’s journey in to health which started at a very young age The key pillars of good health which are super simple! The type […]

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Before Beginning Face Yoga Let’s start with a few general Face Yoga tips today before we delve in to the eye area. You should always do Face Yoga at your own pace. Your practice is not going to be exactly like someone else’s practice. Beginners should start slowly and choose the massages and exercises that work […]

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Face Yoga is a wonderful method for keeping your skin looking toned, healthy, and glowing. It is no secret that I am passionate about sharing the benefits of facial exercise, facial massage and acupressure and teaching others how it can support our physical and mental health. I also love to embrace other holistic healing systems […]

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Nahid de Belgeonne, known as “the nervous system whisperer”,  is a Somatic Movement coach and yoga teacher with a passion for sharing the healing benefits of movement. In this weeks episode we chat about wellness, Yoga and internal healing and share natural and effective tips and advice to help you feel less stressed and more in alignment with your true self. […]

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