People often ask me what Face Yoga technique I would choose if I could only do one, and that’s what I want to share with you in this post. It’s my favourite facial massage and is a simple and easy one that anyone can enjoy. Like any form of exercise or wellness habit, Face Yoga […]

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Katie Hess is a an expert of flower alchemy and founder of Lotus Wei. In this episode we chat about: Katie’s journey in to flower essences What flower essences are and how they work Flower essences for youthful, vibrant skin How flower essences can heal skin Sleep and flower essences How to use flower essences Katie’s wellness routine […]

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I was interviewed on the High Performance Health Podcast by Angela Foster and I wanted to share it with you here today as we have a wonderful chat about exactly how Face Yoga lifts the face. In this episode we delve in to: How I started Face Yoga How I overcame chronic illness How I started […]

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It’s my birthday! This week is a simple solo episode from the heart where I chat about turning 40 and what my week has been like (with some unexpected turns!) as well as how I feel about starting this new decade. Useful links: Get my weekly newsletter full of tips and inspiration Face Yoga and Gua Sha […]

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In Face Yoga, we talk a lot about how we can all stay healthy and well through natural lifestyle changes. But something that is often overlooked is longevity – not just how we can look and feel happier and healthier right now but also how we can make sure we stay that way for the […]

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This post is all about how to reduce jowls without surgery. I’m going to run through a quick and easy Face Yoga routine that concentrates on the area under the chin and jaw. It should take around 10 minutes to complete, so it is hopefully easy to slot into your busy day. If you prefer […]

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In this blog post, I’m taking you through a lovely, calming sequence to soothe tired skin and help you feel awake and energised again. It’s a real feel-good routine that leaves you feeling pampered and cared for. This sequence is inspired by my newest book, the Face Yoga Journal. The book is split into four sections […]

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A good workout always leaves your muscles feeling great – tired but also calm and relaxed. And there’s no reason that the muscles in your face should be left out. These five facial exercises cover every area of your face and will get your muscles working. Although it takes daily practise before you’ll start to […]

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This week we are chatting Face Yoga and radio frequency devices. I did an instagram live with Ruth Frances, the ambassador from Sensica and I wanted to share it here with you today. We chat about: What Face Yoga is and how it works Demonstrating key Face Yoga moves Face Yoga tips for your daily practice How […]

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Are you looking to lift, tone, and firm your skin this year? If so, I have five easy tips for you that you can implement straight away to give you firmer and healthier skin naturally. I’m really going back to the core of face yoga in this post and covering the fundamental principles that make […]

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