Affirmations are a powerful and simple way of manifesting what you want into your life. Affirmations should ideally be repeated at least 3 times, said in the present moment (rather than past or future) and be done daily.  You simply repeat each of the affirmations I have laid out below out loud to yourself and they […]

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If you have hooded eyes and want to reduce their appearance, you can do so through some easy Face Yoga techniques.  Clean Hands, Clean Face Before doing any Face Yoga, you should always wash your hands and clean your face. You can do so with your favourite hand soap and facial cleanser, and dry thoroughly […]

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Pooja Johari is an expert on microcurrent devices and in this episode she talks about how they can be added to your skincare routine. We delve in to: Pooja’s journey into working with the face and the skin Benefits of microcurrent devices at home Why some people shouldn’t use a microcurrent device What real beauty means to Pooja […]

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In this blog post, I’m taking you through a lovely, calming sequence to soothe tired skin and help you feel awake and energised again. It’s a real feel-good routine that leaves you feeling pampered and cared for. This sequence is inspired by my newest book, the Face Yoga Journal. The book is split into four sections […]

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Get ready to feel calm and look glowing! This week’s episode is a guided meditation for you. You will need somewhere to sit or lie comfortably and get cosy. I guide you through breathing, visualisation and relaxation to help you feel relaxed in mind, body and face. You will also be guided through gratitude’s, intentions and […]

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Here Are 5 Eye Massages to Look Like You Have Slept Lots (When You Haven’t) Late evenings and sleepless nights can leave us looking tired and drained, especially around the eye area. So, today’s post looks at five simple eye massage techniques to use when you haven’t slept well. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. […]

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Carrie Drinkwine is a regenerative health coach and nutritionist and this week’s episode is packed full of her tips to feel great in 2022. In this episode we discuss: Carrie’s story  The health coaching Carrie offers to clients 5 easy tips we can all use to transform our health in 2022  How to look and feel healthy without dieting Tips […]

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In the days before your period, it’s normal to feel tired, achy, and emotional. At this point in our cycles, we need plenty of nurturing self-care, so today’s post takes you through a lovely soothing Face Yoga flow that is perfect for before or during your period. The full sequence takes just ten minutes and […]

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Poppy Delbridge is the founder of Rapid Tapping and a manifestation queen! If you want to learn exactly what manifestation is or if you already know lots about it, why it may not be working for you, this episode is a must listen! We delve into the secret behind manifesting the life you REALLY want to […]

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Do you feel things deeply? Do you feel sensitive to your own emotions or others? Do you connect with people, the environment or animals in a special and deep way? Well you may be either a Highly Sensitive Person, an empath or both! If you are an empath, did you know there are over 5 different types? In this episode my […]

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