One question many of you ask me is what facial tools I recommend using alongside your Face Yoga practice for healthy, lifted, and glowing skin. Although I’m a huge fan of just using your hands for facial massage and acupressure, there are also some wonderful facial tools out there that you can easily use at […]

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Facial massage is a wonderful practice for relieving tension, calming your mind, and getting stagnant energy flowing again. Although there are plenty of techniques that only require your hands, there are times when I love to use facial massage tools and one of my favourites is called a Kansa Wand. This traditional facial therapy tool […]

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It’s a product extravaganza for you this week! I did a lovely Instagram live with fashion expert Miranda Holder where we both chose 10 of our favourite products which are perfect for Christmas gifts for others but can also be enjoyed as a treat for yourself at any point in the year. Between Miranda and […]

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If you feel stuck for a gift idea or are simply searching for a beautiful gift for the Yoga, well-being or fashion fan in your life, look no further! I recently did an Instagram live with fashion expert Miranda Holder and we both shared our 10 favourite gifts. Please note many of these products were […]

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As a wellness practitioner, my approach has always been both holistic and wide-ranging. I love to learn about ancient and traditional healing systems, such as yoga, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine. I then blend this knowledge with the scientific approach of modern Western medicine to inspire the teachings and Face Yoga routines I share with […]

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Facial massage is such a beautiful way to increase the circulation to your skin, lift the muscles, and release tension. There’s a lot you can do just with your hands, but I also like to use some facial massage tools to enhance the benefits and add variation to my routine. And one tool that I […]


There are so many beauty tools available now that it can be hard to know what will work for you.  As a Face Yoga practitioner and expert for the last 17 years, I believe that our hands are some of the best tools we can use. Using only your hands in a Face Yoga routine […]

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Ok so it’s no secret that I love Face Yoga! For me, there’s nothing better for your skin and wellness than using hands to massage, relax and exercise the face. However, don’t underestimate the power of facial tools. They provide some variation to a routine, an added beauty boost and sometimes, just give you some […]

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Understanding your unique constitution can not only help you live a full, healthy and happy life but it can also help you better understand your skin. This week my guest is Anita Kaushal, co founder of Ayurvedic skincare brand, Mauli Rituals. She gives amazing insight in to the 3 doshas or ‘types’ according to Indian […]

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So I like facial tools…ok so that’s a lie….I LOVE facial tools. My first love is always Face Yoga though as I deeply believe there is nothing better than the healing power of using our own hands to exercise, massage and relax our skin. However, facial tools are like the exercise equipment to a workout routine. […]

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