If you have been around for a while, you might have heard me talk before about finding out I was iron deficient a couple of years ago. I shared some of that story last year, in this podcast episode with my friend, Sally Jacks. Sally also experienced iron deficiency and was responsible for inspiring me to get […]

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This week I chat to Dr Caitlin Scott (who specialises in women’s health, nutrient deficient and hormone imbalance) all about my journey from iron deficiency to recovery and being diagnosed as Coeliac (gluten intolerant). In this episode we discuss: What iron deficiency is and who can be affected Why it is often misdiagnosed Symptoms of iron deficiency  What it means to be coeliac […]

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

Sally Jacks is my guest this week and in many ways this is an episode of two parts. We start by chatting about Sally’s career from pop star to TV presenter and how her many years of presenting on shopping television has meant there’s not much she hasn’t seen when it comes to beauty products. She tells me about […]

Head & shoulders photo of Sally Jacks