My guest this week is Nutritionist May Simpkin. In this episode May chats about her personal and professional experience with perimenopause and menopause. She tells us about: The 3 key pillars of healthy hormones The 3 foods to cut down on in menopause and perimenopause The 3 foods to increase in these stages of our life The 3 […]

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Dr V is my guest this week and we are talking menopause, self care, making big life changes and feeling inner peace. Dr V (known as Benita to her friends) is an OB/GYN and a lifestyle doctor who is on a mission to help people heal themselves. In this inspiring episode we talk about: Why Dr V became a […]

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We are getting vulnerable in this episode! I had a lovely chat with bestselling author, poet, mystic, artist and mother Rebecca Campbell. We both open up about some difficult moments and our soul awakenings both before and since becoming mothers. In this episode we cover: Rebecca’s oracle cards and why I love them! Rebecca’s journey into […]

the face yoga expert podcast

Katie Hess is a an expert of flower alchemy and founder of Lotus Wei. In this episode we chat about: Katie’s journey in to flower essences What flower essences are and how they work Flower essences for youthful, vibrant skin How flower essences can heal skin Sleep and flower essences How to use flower essences Katie’s wellness routine […]

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My guest this week is Heather Ivany, a Yoga and wellness expert and Akashic record reader. In this inspiring chat we talk about:   Heather’s Journey into yoga and wellness  How to successfully set intentions   Using resistance as your ally not your enemy   Setting healthy boundaries to protect yourself   Using Meditation and energy techniques   How […]

the face yoga expert podcast

Have you set some intentions this New Year? If one of your aims is to feel strong, healthy, and energised in 2022, I have some tips and techniques to share in this post that will help you on your journey. Back in December, I shared a wonderful conversation with Carrie Drinkwine, a regenerative health coach, yoga teacher, […]

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Carrie Drinkwine is a regenerative health coach and nutritionist and this week’s episode is packed full of her tips to feel great in 2022. In this episode we discuss: Carrie’s story  The health coaching Carrie offers to clients 5 easy tips we can all use to transform our health in 2022  How to look and feel healthy without dieting Tips […]

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Debra Silverman is a psychologist and astrologer with over 40 years professional experience. In this episode we talk about how understanding astrology can help guide us to live a soul centred and happier life. Debra and I chat about:  The 12 sun signs/ star signs and what they say about your personality  My personal astrology […]

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Holly Husler is my guest this week and she is a sound healer, musician and wellness teacher. Her journey started as a pop star in a girl band and now, fully aligned with her soul purpose, she shares the wonderful power of sound to her community of women around the world. In this episode we […]

The Face Yoga Expert podcast

Did you know that the Yoga you do for your body can also be amazing for lifting, firming and toning the face? My guest this week is Annelise Hagen, a US based Yoga instructor and author of The Yoga Face and we both very excitedly chat about our shared love for Face Yoga and Yoga! In […]

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