In this blog post, we’re focusing on the mouth area and especially those vertical lines that can start to appear here as we get older. I’m going to run through five simple massage techniques you can use to reduce marionette and smile lines. Marionette lines are the ones that run from the corners of our […]

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As some of you might know, I’ve recently been diagnosed with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), an extreme form of PMS. In many ways, this diagnosis has felt hugely empowering – it is such a relief to know what is going on and be able to dive deeper into ways of coping with it. Many people […]

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This week I am joined by Katie Blake. Katie is a regular on the podcast and co- founder of our Facial Gua Sha teacher training course as well an expert on skin, holistic healing, energy work and Gua Sha. In this weeks episode we chat about: The benefits of acupressure Gua Sha teacher training The 9 key acupressure […]

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My guest this week is Heather Ivany, a Yoga and wellness expert and Akashic record reader. In this inspiring chat we talk about:   Heather’s Journey into yoga and wellness  How to successfully set intentions   Using resistance as your ally not your enemy   Setting healthy boundaries to protect yourself   Using Meditation and energy techniques   How […]

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Malar bags, or festoons, are a common form of under-eye swelling that many of us start to develop as we get older. They are a bit different from puffiness, which usually appears directly under the lower eyelids. You’ll usually find the swelling associated with malar bags or festoons lower down, across the top of your […]

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In this post, I’m going to take you through a quick and easy Face Yoga sequence that focuses on defining and sculpting your cheekbones. You might even see the effects of some of these techniques instantly, so it is a great set of moves to use just before you go out. Of course, we can’t […]

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Are you looking to lift, tone, and firm your skin this year? If so, I have five easy tips for you that you can implement straight away to give you firmer and healthier skin naturally. I’m really going back to the core of face yoga in this post and covering the fundamental principles that make […]

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Get ready to feel calm and look glowing! This week’s episode is a guided meditation for you. You will need somewhere to sit or lie comfortably and get cosy. I guide you through breathing, visualisation and relaxation to help you feel relaxed in mind, body and face. You will also be guided through gratitude’s, intentions and […]

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Take a glance in the mirror when you have been sat at your desk for a while. If you are anything like me you may spot that without realising it, you have tensed the area between the eyebrows. As well as having an awareness through the day, here are a few facial massages you can […]

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Poppy Delbridge is the founder of Rapid Tapping and a manifestation queen! If you want to learn exactly what manifestation is or if you already know lots about it, why it may not be working for you, this episode is a must listen! We delve into the secret behind manifesting the life you REALLY want to […]

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