I had a wonderful chat recently with Larisa Petrini, an age reversal and epigenetic expert specialising in non-invasive reverse ageing programs. Larisa’s work focuses on how we can have younger skin and a younger body through lifestyle changes – something that aligns very well with my Face Yoga approach.    Larisa joined me on the Face Yoga Expert […]

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This week is a solo episode where I lead you through a short daily 10 minute practice you can enjoy. You simply repeat each of the affirmations I say to yourself after me and they will help your skin, mind and health feel abundant and positive. This is a calming and powerful episode that can be enjoyed on a regular basis.If […]

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This weeks guest is Pippa Campbell who is a Functional Nutrition and Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutrigenomics Specialist who helps many women balance their hormones. In this interesting and informative chat we discuss: PMS PMDD Perimenopause The Pill and coil HRT Acne Dry skin and wrinkles Skin conditions Menopause Natural solutions to balance hormones You can connect with […]

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This week my guest is Amber-Lee Lyons who is the founder of Chakra Girl Co and Rituals by Chakra Girl App. In this episode we go deep on all things spirituality and rituals and are both very open and vulnerable about our experiences. We chat about: Amber- Lee’s retirement from coaching Her Rituals app The importance of daily rituals […]

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Many people find Face Yoga first because they’re interested in lifting their faces naturally, but it doesn’t take long before they realise how many deeper wellness benefits there are to making Face Yoga a regular part of their daily routine. For me, it is those benefits for our health and wellbeing that are the most […]

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As we get older our muscles naturally start to lose strength. This includes the muscles in our faces. One of the side effects of this is that the corners of our mouths can start to drop down, making us look like we’re unhappy, even when we’re feeling perfectly happy and content. We may also notice […]

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We are getting vulnerable in this episode! I had a lovely chat with bestselling author, poet, mystic, artist and mother Rebecca Campbell. We both open up about some difficult moments and our soul awakenings both before and since becoming mothers. In this episode we cover: Rebecca’s oracle cards and why I love them! Rebecca’s journey into […]

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In Face Yoga, we talk a lot about how we can all stay healthy and well through natural lifestyle changes. But something that is often overlooked is longevity – not just how we can look and feel happier and healthier right now but also how we can make sure we stay that way for the […]

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Malar bags, or festoons, are a common form of under-eye swelling that many of us start to develop as we get older. They are a bit different from puffiness, which usually appears directly under the lower eyelids. You’ll usually find the swelling associated with malar bags or festoons lower down, across the top of your […]

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Are you looking to lift, tone, and firm your skin this year? If so, I have five easy tips for you that you can implement straight away to give you firmer and healthier skin naturally. I’m really going back to the core of face yoga in this post and covering the fundamental principles that make […]

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