Starting your day with some facial massage is a fantastic way to wake up your skin and help you look bright and energised.  Facial massage is also a wonderful part of your daily self-care practice. Taking even just a few minutes to nourish your skin with a loving touch through Face Yoga helps to remind […]

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In our busy lives, we rarely take the time to sit still, connect with our emotions, and lean into what we are really feeling. Most of us have a hard time slowing down, both physically and mentally.  However, both yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine teach us that we can’t ignore our emotions. These ancient healing […]

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Have you ever tried a jade massage comb? They’ve become one of my favourite tools to make my hair healthy and shiny and to reduce headaches and tension in the head and face. These beautiful jade combs are my favourite because their shape is just perfect for a head massage. They go deep enough to […]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga are what we are discussing today and my guest is the wonderful educator and Yoga teacher, Annie Au.In this episode we discuss: Annie’s journey in to Yin and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) What Yin Yoga is and how it works The 7 emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine  How anxiety and contemplation are linked to the […]

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The area under the chin is one that often starts to sag as we age and the muscles weaken. Poor posture can also give us a double chin because it encourages fluid to build up in the area. Today’s post is all about reducing the appearance of a double chin naturally. These are simple, easy […]

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Katie Brindle is back! This is the forth time she has been a guest on The Face Yoga Expert Podcast and she is so full of amazing tips and wisdom that I know you will love this episode as much as you have enjoyed the others. Katie is also a friend so we chat really honestly in this podcast […]

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