Today’s blog post is perfect for anyone who is new to Face Yoga or anyone who would like to refresh their knowledge of the basics. I’m going to run through a full-face sequence that introduces some great massage techniques and exercises to relax, lift, and tone your face. This full routine should only take around […]

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The neck and shoulders are a common place to hold tension and emotional stress, especially if you spend long hours working at a computer. So, today I’m going to look at some simple moves you can use to release tightness in these areas and tone the muscles. I recently met with Yoga teacher, Abi Mills, on […]

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I am the interviewee again this week! I was invited on the Slow Mo podcast with Nicole Gregory from Urban You so I wanted to share our conversation with you. Nicole asked me everything from my journey in to Face Yoga, how to get started with a daily routine if you are new to Face […]