This blog post is all about the healing power of flowers and how we can use them to support our minds, bodies, and souls, as well as our faces. I had a great chat recently with Katie Hess, an expert in flower alchemy and founder of Lotuswei. Katie joined me on the Face Yoga Expert Podcast to share some […]

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It’s a product extravaganza for you this week! I did a lovely Instagram live with fashion expert Miranda Holder where we both chose 10 of our favourite products which are perfect for Christmas gifts for others but can also be enjoyed as a treat for yourself at any point in the year. Between Miranda and […]

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If you feel stuck for a gift idea or are simply searching for a beautiful gift for the Yoga, well-being or fashion fan in your life, look no further! I recently did an Instagram live with fashion expert Miranda Holder and we both shared our 10 favourite gifts. Please note many of these products were […]

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On my podcast, I had an incredible talk with essential oil expert, Jodi Sternoff Cohen. We talked about some of the wonderful properties of essential oils. They can help lift our moods, relieve chronic stress, detoxify our organs, and bring us into healing states.  Essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants. These aromatic oils […]

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My guest this week is best selling author, award winning journalist, nutritional practitioner and essential oils expert, Jodi Sternoff Cohen. In this week’s show we talk about: Exactly what essential oils are and what purpose they have The link between essential oils and stress The vagus nerve and parasympathetic healing state 3 essential oils to use every day Jodi’s personal journey and how […]

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