As we reach our 40s and our collagen and elastin levels start to decline, we may notice more small vertical lines appearing on your face. One of the main causes of these lines is your sleep position.  If you prefer to sleep on your side or your front, you’re especially likely to see those fine […]

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One area I’m often asked about is the jowls – the sagging skin that can develop around your chin and jawline as you get older. So, this blog post is all about simple, quick Face Yoga techniques you can use to naturally lift and tone your jowls. As we get older, our skin naturally begins […]

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Abigail James is an award-winning aesthetician and author, globally renowned for her extensive knowledge in skin, health and mind positivity. An original trailblazer known for a combined approach to skin health focusing on efficacious skincare, results-driven technology, facial massage, nutrition, and mental health. In this weeks episode we chat about: Abigail’s clinics before, during and after lockdowns […]

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Most of my Face Yoga routines include facial massage techniques or face exercises that involve using your hands. But sometimes it’s useful to have a few moves you can do hands-free.  In this post, I’m going to run through two quick, easy Face Yoga moves that don’t require you to use your hands. These are […]

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The fine lines that appear around our lips as we get older are often known as smoker’s lines. But you don’t need to be a smoker to get them. We naturally produce less collagen and elastin as we age, which can lead to our lips looking less plump. The muscle around the mouth, the orbicularis […]

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I was the guest on the Calm In The Chaos podcast with Deborah Voll and I wanted to share it with you guys here today. It is a lovely chat about: My story of chronic illness  Exactly how Face Yoga works How Face Yoga helps our mind My 10 day course and how to use it […]

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We rarely think about the facial muscles but exercising the face can strengthen and tone those muscles in the same way that a workout builds the muscles in our bodies.  Many people are surprised when they try Face Yoga for the first time and realise how much they can feel the muscles in their face […]

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The area under the chin is one that often starts to sag as we age and the muscles weaken. Poor posture can also give us a double chin because it encourages fluid to build up in the area. Today’s post is all about reducing the appearance of a double chin naturally. These are simple, easy […]

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Star Khechara has 20 years experience in the nutrition and skincare industry. She is the founder of the Academy of Beauty Nutrition and author of multiple anti ageing nutrition books.In this weeks episode we talk about: The importance of food for anti ageing What collagen is Foods that don’t help collagen The 5 top foods to help boost collagen […]


Yoga is wonderful for mind, body and soul. It is easy to forget however, that we have 57 muscles in the face, neck, head, tongue and ears which need strength and relaxation too. Face Yoga is a wonderful way to complement a Yoga practice but even if you aren’t a Yogi, you can enjoy Face Yoga as a stand alone routine.  […]