Although I usually focus on Face Yoga when I share poses and techniques, there are also plenty of body yoga poses that can bring benefits for your face and skin. So, that’s what I’m looking at in today’s post. I’m going to run through a lovely, calming yoga routine that is perfect for first thing […]

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This week is a solo episode where I lead you through a short daily 10 minute practice you can enjoy. You simply repeat each of the affirmations I say to yourself after me and they will help your skin, mind and health feel abundant and positive. This is a calming and powerful episode that can be enjoyed on a regular basis.If […]

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In the days before your period, it’s normal to feel tired, achy, and emotional. At this point in our cycles, we need plenty of nurturing self-care, so today’s post takes you through a lovely soothing Face Yoga flow that is perfect for before or during your period. The full sequence takes just ten minutes and […]

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Face Yoga exercises and massages are the perfect way to begin each new day. These moves help to awaken your skin, relax and tone your muscles, and promote lymphatic drainage – which is incredibly important! Moreover, these moves are very easy to do, they’re suitable for everyone, and they take no time at all. Plus, you can […]

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One of the best ways to keep your skin looking its most radiant is by performing routine face massages. Nothing too extensive or invasive––just a slight recharge. By taking 8 minutes out of your day to perform these few simple techniques, you can keep your muscles engaged, lower tension, aid in lymphatic drainage and alleviate […]

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Facial massage is such a beautiful way to increase the circulation to your skin, lift the muscles, and release tension. There’s a lot you can do just with your hands, but I also like to use some facial massage tools to enhance the benefits and add variation to my routine. And one tool that I […]


Lorena Velasquezz is a Mindfulness Life Coach and an expert in helping us all feel more love for ourselves. In this episode Lorena tells us how we can take actionable steps to not only enhance self love but how to triple it in 10 days! She chats about morning routines, wellness tips and how mediation can transform our […]

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