In this solo episode I lead you through the 7 main chakras and how to align and balance each one to help you in business. Aligning chakras is a key way to help you feel balanced and healthy within yourself but also to grow and scale your brand and business too. If you would like to deep dive […]

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If you’re interested in yoga or its sister science, Ayurveda, you’ve likely already heard of the chakras. These are wheels of energy located in our bodies. There are seven main chakras, which run up the midline of our bodies from the base of our spines to the crown of our heads. Understanding of the chakras […]

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One of the intentions I set for the beginning of this year was to add to my training in healing and incorporate it into my Face Yoga practice and teachings. I’ve recently completed Reiki 1 training via Kelsey Patel, and I’m excited to continue the journey with Reiki 2 training, which I am booked in […]

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Are your chakras unbalanced? How exactly do you balance them? And what actually are chakras? Well if you want to know the answer to these questions you are in the right place! My guest this week is author of ‘Chakras and Self Care’ Ambi Kavanagh. With her many years of personal and professional experience she […]

Ambi Kavanagh