27: The 5 Wellness Habits I Do Daily Which May Surprise You

Danielle Collins The Face Yoga Expert

These aren’t obvious tips today! Of course you know I do daily Face Yoga, Yoga and meditation and I often show my green smoothies and walks in the countryside on social media but I wanted to share with you things I do daily which I don’t usually talk about. These are 5 things I have done for years each day and form a key part of my day. It’s a fun, simple and I hope, informative, solo episode. 

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  1. Romina says:

    Great advices

  2. Ellie Roads says:

    That was interesting, thank you. As well as practicing face yoga, I am a reiki and EFT practitioner so the Jin Shin practice sounds interesting, I will definately find out more about that – also I have a yantra mat that I haven’t used for ages, so you have encouraged me to dig it out and use it again!

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