Blog Fourteen: Six Simple Tips for Starting and Growing a Face Yoga YouTube Channel

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Danielle Collins

Now that you know all of the tools and tricks required to grow your Face Yoga business Instagram account , you might want to apply much of that same knowledge to starting your own Face Yoga YouTube channel. 

If you’re curious as to how you can make the most of your quarantine time by starting and growing your own online Face Yoga business using YouTube, it all begins by creating and delivering the best possible video content to your audience. And while it may sound simple enough, you may experience challenges along the way. Fortunately, I’m here to help. 

Here are my six, helpful tips for starting and growing a Face Yoga YouTube channel:

Find your niche

Face it: there are countless yoga studios and professionals out there, sharing lots of engaging content either online or via social media. If you are a yoga teacher, what makes you stand out from other yoga-themed channels? What is it that YOU can offer your followers that will set you apart from the others? If you are one of our certified facial yoga teachers , you are already part of a great niche.

It’s perfectly natural to feel stumped after day one. If you don’t know your niche right away, give it some thought. Try to figure out what you enjoy talking about. What do you want to bring into your videos that is different from other yoga experts on YouTube? And don’t overthink it, either. Starting a YouTube channel means doing a lot of talking––and often. Make sure that whatever your video content specialises in, that it’s not too challenging for you to talk about for prolonged periods. Whatever your subject, you want people to see clearly that you love what you’re talking about. That’s how audiences will engage and grow. 


Give your channel a name

Far too often, people are changing the name of their YouTube channel. This may be to appeal to wider audiences or to shift with trends. Whatever reason you have for considering a name change, don’t. Name your YouTube channel––maybe it’s as simple as your first and last name, or something that speaks to the theme of the niche that you’re sharing––and stick to it.

Again, don’t overthink. A channel’s success is not built on the name, but rather the content. You aren’t likely to lose or scare away followers if you don’t have the perfect name. Just pick one, promote it, love it. Don’t worry that your video channel may look or sound similar to another YouTuber’s (even if you both share the same niche). Always remember: Even though the message may be the same, it’s coming from a different messenger. 

I mentioned this in the previous blog on growing your Instagram, people want to get to know you. And the reason they’ve come to your YouTube page instead of the countless others is that they want to see and hear from–you! A good tip to keep in mind for YouTube that may not always apply to Instagram involves how you look when filming your video content.

This is a professional channel, so always remember to smile. I say this because it is actually very easy to forget to smile and that’s because you are trying to engage with people without being able to see them. When you are having a conversation with someone face to face, you can tell by looking in their eyes how you, the speaker, are coming across. Without that face in front of you to gauge your conversation skills and read reactions, you can often forget where you are. So always try to look cheerful, never aggressive or bored (especially if you are talking about a challenging subject). 

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Upload regularly

This is incredibly important for starting and/or growing a YouTube channel. What isn’t necessarily as important is how regularly. That’s all up to you. Get into a rhythm and post with regular frequency––whether that means once a day, or once a fortnight. A good rule of thumb for those starting would be to post at least once a week. Once you’ve selected a frequency (perhaps you’re uploading every Thursday afternoon), eventually, your audience will eagerly anticipate your chosen time and date and become even more excited to tune into your videos. 

I for example, publish a video every Wednesday and Saturday at 5pm GMT over on my YouTube channel.

And sometimes, as with anything, you might have to force yourself to stick to your regular schedule. Avoid procrastination, commit to a regular frequency, and put forth the effort to give your videos the best possible content. Just start––film a video, upload it and go from there. It makes a difference.

Don’t worry about the numbers

For new YouTubers, it’s natural to expect big results after posting your very first video. However, this is not typical of most channels. Even the most successful YouTubers started with a small following. 

If you’ve posted your first video and it’s only managed to gather 20 viewers––don’t be disappointed. That’s actually a very good number. Think about it: 20 people have chosen to tune in and listen to what you have to say, despite you having no previous videos or YouTube presence. Don’t get bogged down by the numbers. 

And this advice also works for established channels. YouTube operates in a very unpredictable manner. A video you may have uploaded 4 or 5 years ago may all of a sudden experience a surge in popularity––maybe it even eclipses the viewing numbers of your most recent video post. It’s just one of the mysterious ways in which YouTube works, so don’t stress about it.

The only instance where you should consider your numbers is when putting together new content. Go back through your videos and try to spot a trend among your most-watched clips––which videos have received the most attention? Why are they more popular than your others? Then, incorporate those popular elements into new content. 

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Good intros and outros 

A good tip for established YouTubers: no matter how many videos you’ve uploaded, always start your next video as though your audience has never seen you before. Begin with your name, your title, and then introduce what that video is going to be about. Give a quick, succinct introduction so that people know what they’re getting.

Also, give people a proper outro: thank them for visiting, encourage them to share, like, and subscribe––and make it a consistent ending for all your videos.

Know your goal

What do you hope to accomplish with your YouTube channel? Have a clear vision––and maintain this vision for as long as you are uploading content. Are you aiming to make money via adverts? Are you aiming to build a dedicated subscriber list? Are you aiming to push people towards your website? Do you want people to buy your products or services? Or would you prefer that they followed you on social media? (It’s okay to have multiple goals). Whatever your reason, be sure to incorporate it into your call-to-action at the end of each video––and in the notes. 

If you want to be a certified Face Yoga teacher and part of our community of successful and passionate Face Yogis more info here.

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