22. How To Start And Grow A YouTube Channel: Bonus Business Episode

Danielle Collins sitting on a yoga mat

Have you every thought you should be sharing your gifts, tips, teachings and knowledge to the world? Or maybe you already do and want to do this more often or better? Perhaps it’s for business or simply for fun and you would like to delve in to YouTube a little more. After the wonderful feedback of my last bonus episode all about how to grow instagram (episode 16) I have made this one all about Youtube. I start the episode by sharing my 6 top tips on starting and growing a YouTube channel and then I bring on Robert Alan Monks on to chat. Robert is my amazing video editor and works on some of the UK’s top TV shows. Rob chats about how to simply edit videos at home, upload them and if you already do all this, his tips on how to improve this are really helpful. 
You can like and subscribe to my YouTube channel, The Face Yoga Expert here https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC4xcFhl2nMbseJO9nEl_kogand you can follow Rob on Instagram at @monkeypost

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