Here are some great ways that you can enjoy Face Yoga:


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Face Yoga at Yoga Bodhi in Bath, UK.
Come and enjoy 2 hours of Face Yoga in this beautiful studio in Bath UK,  workshop on Sunday 22nd November 2:30-4:30pm

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my 10 top
face yoga

Always wash hands prior to starting
Face Yoga to stop the spread of bacteria.

wash your

If you can, remove make up and apply a little Fusion by Danielle Collins serum.
Apply slightly less than usual while doing your Face Yoga so your fingers don't slip. 

remove make up

Get to know your face and learn to relax it so you don't create expression lines in your daily life.

get to know your face

Take weekly side and front- on pictures of yourself and you will be able to track your changes.

 take some

If it is pratical for you remove contact lenses and glasses as the eye techniques will feel more comfortable.

contact lenses

Use a mirror to check for any tension or expression lines and conciously smooth these out.

use a mirror

While doing Face Yoga, aim to have a long spine, relaxed neck and tension free shoulders throughout.

Check your

Face Yoga should be fun and relaxing! So don't worry if you laugh when you do it- this helps to release tension too!

have fun!

Breathe deeply in and out through the nose, letting the abdomen rise on the in breath and fall on the out breath.


To get the best results from your Face Yoga, combining this with a healthy lifestyle is key.

live a healthy lifestyle