Blog 115: Three face yoga moves to reduce frown lines at your desk

The Face Yoga Expert Blog 115

Take a glance in the mirror when you have been sat at your desk for a while. If you are anything like me you may spot that without realising it, you have tensed the area between the eyebrows. As well as having an awareness through the day, here are a few facial massages you can use to ease ‘number 11’ lines. You can also follow along using this video.

Gently tap between your eyebrows with two fingers

When we sit at our desks, we tend to pull the glabellar muscles that lie between our eyebrows. Over time, we can quickly find deep lines around this area. Gently tapping this area helps to relax tension from the muscle. These simple moves also help increase blood circulation between your eyebrows.

You could also use your index finger to gently massage this area and ease the tension that quickly builds up. Massage these muscles gently in one direction for as long as you prefer or until you feel the sense of tension releasing. These regular massages will also stimulate your skin to generate more collagen and elastin. 

Press into the muscle and gently move apart

You’ll still use the index and middle fingers in the second technique. Gently press the two fingers into the muscle, then move them away from each other. This movement releases any tightness between the eyebrows. Also, this subtle, gentle face yoga move relieves you of any tension that you might be holding onto in the muscle.

Hold this position around ten seconds, then repeat the whole movement, gently moving the fingers in separate directions. Only release the position once you feel this muscle engaging. Try to get deep into that muscle and work proactively on releasing tension.

This Face Yoga movement for your forehead minimises the appearance of horizontal stress lines on your forehead. 

Massage your forehead upwards with your fingers

Make your index finger into a hook in the third technique and gently work up between your eyebrows. Make gentle upward movements for up to one minute. You could also gently move to one side then gently move to the other side. The idea is to follow any frown lines on your face with your fingers.

You could also use both your index fingers to massage the forehead area. The goal is to ensure that you don’t provide any room for lines and wrinkles to thrive around your forehead. 

This technique will help with the air circulation between your eyebrows, similar to the previous movements. Repetitive movements will ease the tension on your face and ensure that you eliminate any frown lines or wrinkles. Relaxing your forehead more ensures that you minimize the development of frown lines. 

A simple bonus exercise

Besides these three Facial Yoga movements, you could also strengthen and tone the big frontalis muscles at the front of the forehead. Making this muscle stronger ensures that you can tone the skin in front of it. In this case, you’ll place your index fingers on top of your eyes and your thumb slightly above your cheekbones. 

Gently pull your index fingers downward while looking up to stretch these muscles. Essentially, your index fingers work as a resistance to stop your eyebrows from going all the way. This movement will work all three skin layers effectively. Repeating these movements on the forehead will deliver the results you crave. Ultimately, the muscle will become strong and toned.

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Practice Repetitive Yoga Routines

Following these Face Yoga routines can help you slow down the ageing process and ensure that your face maintains its youthful look. These exercises will help to generally relax your face muscles and enhance your overall skin tone. The key is to perform these exercises regularly, preferably when taking breaks.

If you would like to learn more about Face Yoga, why not become a fully certified teacher with our accredited training course here.

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