84: These 1 Minute Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips Will Brighten Your Skin And Maintain Good Health

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

Katie Brindle is back! This is the forth time she has been a guest on The Face Yoga Expert Podcast and she is so full of amazing tips and wisdom that I know you will love this episode as much as you have enjoyed the others. Katie is also a friend so we chat really honestly in this podcast and really delve in to our shared passion for helping others, for wellness, for business and for beauty. Our main focus in this episode is to share the importance of easy tips that only take 1 minute which can be used for preventive health and help us to maintain wellness in our mind, body and face.
In this episode we share:

  • The 3 Traditional Chinese Medicine rules of preventative health
  • The importance of using simple 1 minute techniques daily
  • The 3 ways you can help your mind, body and face according to Traditional Chinese Medicine 
  • Mine and Katie’s 3 non negotiable wellness practices we use daily
  • Our soul purpose and why we feel drawn to help others
  • Why we are so excited about the Facial Gua Sha teacher training course
  • The 1 thing we both resist when it comes to wellness (and our challenge to each other!)
  • Why we feel passionate about helping others find their dream career
  • The importance of gua sha, shaking and breathing for our health

You can follow Katie on Instagram @katie_brindle and @thehayoumethod and visit hayoumethod.com

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