5: How To Do Self Care Like A Champion: With Olympic Gold Medal Winner Amy Williams

photo of Olympic Champion Amy Williams

What does it really take to be an Olympic Champion? What sacrifices do you have to make to be the best in the World? How does it feel to be a winner and to be catapulted in to the public eye? How does motherhood look when you also have to juggle being a celebrity? What self care and fitness tips can we all learn from one of the most successful athletes in Britain? This is SUCH an amazing episode as I get to chat my friend and Olympic Champion Amy Williams who won gold for Britain in Skeleton in the 2010 Winter Olympics. She shares her story from childhood to winning her medal and then talks about the ups and downs of life after that moment. It’s a fun interview to listen in on and you will learn so much about life, fitness and wellness with this fun fearless female.

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  1. Michael sum says:

    Great listen… real insight into an inspiring woman juggling the challenges of life but showing drive, focus and fantastic motivation! Well done!

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