4: From Bed Ridden To Becoming The Face Yoga Expert: The Real Story

How did I become The Face Yoga Expert? In this episode I am getting real. I am sharing my journey from being stressed out and unhealthy to suffering from chronic illness which left me bed ridden and house bound, unable to move. I talk about the highs and the lows and how I healed myself to full health and then went on to starting a lifelong passion, business and purpose to help others. I share insights in to how I created Face Yoga and how I have taken it worldwide to millions of people. This episode is full of honest talk, real stories and a great insight in to why I am so passionate about bringing Face Yoga and wellness to you.

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my real story by Danielle Collins
  1. Emily Moreno says:

    I really enjoyed this, it gives me motivation to pursue my own career in face yoga.

  2. Jane Poncia says:

    I’m a hopeless idiot re new technology, computers, cell phones etc. You say you’ve developed a podcast.. Will it plant itself on my cell phone? Will there be an icon on my cell phone that I can press?
    From: janeponcia@icloud.com

    • Hi! If you have an apple phone the purple coloured Podcasts app will be on your phone, if you have an android device you may have to download a podcast app through Google Play xx

  3. Samantha Soulsby says:

    Such an inspirational story which has reinforced the need for me to look after myself. I really enjoyed listening to your journey. I’m looking forward to listening to the other podcasts. Thank you xx

  4. Lou Hinton says:

    A very honest and real episode. Great practical ideas too for teaching face yoga and a great story as to how this worldwide method began.

  5. Vinita says:

    Loved listening to your story which is so inspiring and has motivated me . Your face speaks for your work . Perfect exercises and highly interesting talks .
    Look forward to more .
    Love and light

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