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So I have big news! I have an exciting new offering for you.

Welcome to Soul Purpose business!

This is a place for women who love wellness to grow their business in a conscious, healthy and results driven way. 

Who is this for?
⭐️You have started a business but are ready to grow it and make a BIG impact on the world 
⭐️You don’t like the ‘old school’ way of business which is about hard hustle, long working days, icky sales strategies and high rise buildings with everyone wearing suits and you believe you can be successful and abundant by being yourself. 
⭐️You want to establish yourself as a credible, memorable brand and have your ideal clients and customers buy from you with love and ease 
⭐️You want to learn how to market yourself on social media and beyond in an authentic, effortless way. 
⭐️You know that a great business is about taking risks, making bold choices and having a clear mission and you want guidance on how to step into this further. 
⭐️Your intuition and femininity are your super powers and you want to learn to use those even more in life and business 
⭐️You believe you can make great money AND be a spiritual, conscious woman who makes a huge positive impact on peoples lives 
⭐️You love having freedom and flexibility with your time, location, choices and business. 
⭐️You want a business that makes 6 figures and beyond easily and frequently 
⭐️You love wellness and self care and believe that feeling healthy is a priority for yourself, your clients/customers/team 
⭐️You want to understand more about your soul purpose and dive in to this deeper in your business with abundant goddess energy 
⭐️You are ready to start living life in the present moment and enjoying your life today

So you may be thinking why did I create this new offering when my Face Yoga business is so busy and thriving?

Well…….my intuition told me to do it……
Something which I can credit for my Face Yoga business scaling to multiple six fingers whilst having more time for myself and my family over the last few years is tuning in to my intuition. This is my inner knowing, that feeling that guides me on the right path. I kept having this deep sensation that I need to share everything I have learnt over the past 17 years with other women. I know that so many women have a desire to feel healthier, happier and have more freedom but they also want to help and serve others in a soul centred way (and see great money in their bank account each month). 
There are lots of strategies that I have used to tune in to my intuition which I will be sharing on the Be Your Own Brand Course. I believe we have ALL the answers within us but we sometimes need help and guidance to discover these.

There’s also another reason I started Soul Purpose Business. I have trained thousands of women to be Face Yoga teachers over the last decade and they all ask me one thing- ‘how I can I grow my business/make more sales/have more customers and clients?’ . They also want to do this in a way that doesn’t feel ‘salesy’ and doesn’t involve long hours and hard hustle. So this is where the Be Your Brand 10 week course comes in! It is a place where you can learn exactly how to do this!

So why is now the time to start?

Honestly, there’s no perfect time to start anything. For years I gave myself so many excuses for my goals (mostly saying I didn’t have enough time or money) but each time I just took that scary unknown plunge I have never regretted it (and actually wished I had done it earlier!). The best decisions I have made in business have been investing in my own learning, education and personal development. I believe that success comes from constantly growing, changing and learning. And I also believe this can’t be done alone. I listen to podcasts, read books and chat to people but courses I have taken and coaches I have used are what have moved the needle for my business, my mindset and my lifestyle. So if you have a feeling in your intuition that joining me on the Be Your Own Brand Course is the right place for you to be but have that scared yet excited feeling then it’s time to take the first step. I can’t wait to see you there!
Find our more about the Be Your Own Brand course here 

  1. Hi. You are great n you are doing a wonderful work. I am a huge fan. Keep it up. Take care

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