62: Do microcurrent facial tools really lift and tone the skin?

Chris Luckham

It’s time to learn more about at home microcurrent devices! I have wanted to do a podcast on this for ages and I thought, who better to give the very best advice to use than Chris Luckham, head of education and brand supervisor at Foreo. I have personally tried both the Foreo Bear and the market competitors devices for a number of months and have been researching exactly how they work and combining this with my 16 years experience working with the face. As I was so impressed by the Foreo Bear I wanted to bring the absolute expert in this product on to the podcast to give you in depth information. I also start the podcast telling you about my experience with microcurrent facials.
This podcast is NOT sponsored by Foreo but I just really like their products and philosophy so that’s why I am sharing this with you today. In this episode, Chris and I talk about:

  • What at home microcurrent devices do for the skin
  • How these tools lift the face 
  • How the Foreo Bear works
  • Who shouldn’t use a microcurrent facial
  • How the Foreo Bear differs from market competitors
  • The benefit of t-sonic pulsations for the skin
  • What product to apply before using the device
  • Chris’s wellness routine 

In the introduction I explain about:

  • My experience of Foreo and the other market leader, NuFace
  • The pros and cons/costs of both

You purchase the Bear or Bear Mini from Foreo here (use code FYEBEAR for 14% off).

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  1. Maroula says:

    This was a great podcast, thanks for putting it out there. I have a question: I have an oil-based cleanser and was wondering can I still use this if I am going to use my foreo bear.

    Thank you so much,

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