meet our super trainers

Agnieszka Wyszynska - Paluch, Krakow, Poland. 
"After I had become interested in natural cosmetics I decided to find a natural way to improve my skin, something that would maximize my beauty routine. This way I started practicing face yoga for myself, but here in Krakow I didn't have a chance to explore this technique more. The only help was the internet. That is when I decided to become a Face Yoga Teacher. Now I'm a part of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method team and I'm here to guide you through it as a Super Trainer. For me, Face Yoga goes beyond the healthy and youthful looking complexion. It's a way of living. Face yoga is the natural way to look and feel younger. Combining holistic lifestyle, manual techniques and relaxation, it makes us feel younger inside and outside. I'm happy to be able to share my knowledge as your Super Trainer".
Languages I speak: Polish, English.
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Catherine Zavlav - Paris, France
"I teach The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method  for one-to-one sessions in person or via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. I also teach classes and also provide instruction for classes in your location for your studio, private group or employees. Face Yoga is working on our face, to see it evolve according to the exercises that WE choose, it helps amazingly to regain control of our image. And inevitably if the results are clearly visible on the outside, the inside is starting to sparkle... so let's move together towards the best moments of our life!"
Languages I speak: French, English, German and Italian. 
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Areti Kafantari - Athens, Greece
"Hello Face Yoga fans! I was working for multinational companies in the field of beauty as marketing Director for 18 years. My passion for beauty and making people prettier and happier in a natural way drove my to Danielle Collins Face Yoga. I immediately felt in love completed my training as a teacher and then as a Super trainer. Today Face Yoga is my full time job and I am the leading Face Yoga person in Greece with more than 20 TV presentations, over 50 interviews, 30 press presentations and many collaborations! Danielle Collins Face Yoga changed my life, made my dream come true and I am here to assist you in this wonderful journey. 
Languages I speak: Greek, English
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Gigi Miller -  Maui, Hawaii, USA.
"I am drawn to modalities that bring calm and peace. As a professional harpist and yoga teacher, I find great delight in helping create calm. I play and teach in beautiful corners of the world."  
Languages I speak: English, Spanish. 

John Bruno - Cardiff, Wales, UK
"I am the owner and head trainer of John Bruno Total Training, one of Cardiff’s most exclusive personal training and health studios. I have over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, during which time I have worked with many professional athletes and high profile clients in the media industry. I have a very holistic approach to health, the face and wellbeing and I truly believe that Face Yoga is: the difference that makes the difference.”
Languages I speak: English.
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Julia Anastasiou - Greenwich, London, UK
“I am absolutely passionate about Yoga and holistic health ... My journey began in 1994, I have over 25 years of therapeutic experience in Yoga, facials, meditation, holistic therapy and beauty. In 2012 I became a Super Trainer for Danielle Collins! I love sharing this Face Yoga, supporting and empowering women, seeing their confidence grow! You can join me as a distant learning super trainer, I offer online 1:1 training and in person courses”
Languages I speak: English.
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Kelly Taylor - Whitley Bay, UK
"I have a passion to see others bloom, shine and radiate in their goals and dreams so i look forward to supporting you on this new journey. I am a holistic therapists of over 25 years, I own a Skin Centre by the sea where I also train and teach therapists, the weather may not always be sunny up North but we like to stay shining!"
Languages I speak: English.
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Tali J Sayers - London and Middlesex, UK
"I am the owner and teacher of Still I Rise Yoga Studio in Pinner. I am a passionate Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method teacher and take a natural approach to face lifting and anti ageing. I integrate it to my everyday life and love to share with others! I am also a member of International Institute of Complimentary Therapists in Energy Healing Modality and has a unique method of one to one Chakra Balancing. All these experiences and knowledge enrich my approach to Face Yoga sessions; making it an invaluable tool in becoming a healthier, younger and happier you!"
Languages I speak: English, Russian.
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Patricia Rorke - New York, USA 
"I am a Licensed Esthetician and successful spa owner. Keeping with my holistic approach in health & beauty, The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is the perfect fit for my practice. It was the missing link to my program at my spa and now I can teach you how to continue getting results at home with Face Yoga exercises, massage, acupressure and wellness and relaxation techniques. To look and feel your absolute best! "
Languages I speak: English.
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Rumiko Okamoto - Tokyo, Japan
"I believe that Face Yoga is the best self-care method for well-being. I graduated from University of Juntendo and then went on to work as an announcer and radio DJ. I then went to work overseas for a broadcasting station and also to study with the American psychologist Paul Ekman who is a world authority on facial expression research. After returning home as a qualified announcer and training instructor, I now work as a researcher of psychological expression and have led many leading studies to do with the face. I trained in person with Danielle Collins in the UK and now combine Face Yoga in all my work".
Languages I speak: Japanese.
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Tuul Baatartsogt - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
"I was born in Ulaanbaatar which is Mongolian capital city. I graduated from University with bachelor degree in cinematography. I also got a master degree in education administration and currently I am doing PhD in education administration as well. I have owned one of the first audio-visual studio in my country. In 2015, Yoga was introduced to the Mongolian people and at that time I was introduced to Yoga by friend. Ever since I fell in love with doing yoga and took some classes with Indian master and became an Advanced, Hot Yoga and Aerial yoga teacher. I am founder of yoga studio Badamlyanhua. My philosophy on Face Yoga is that you do not have to buy expensive and fancy cosmetics or risk having plastic (cosmetic) surgery to look young. Just try to do Face Yoga everyday and you will feel and see fantastic results without risking your money, time and more importantly health."
Languages I speak: Mongolian, English.
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Yin Xiong, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
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Louise Pitot - South Africa
"I offer the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method in South Africa and Internationally online. I enjoy one to one sessions, group classes and workshops. I’ve shared face yoga and other women’s health tips on TV, through podcasts, radio and wellness magazines. I’m a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach. I couple this with my training and experience in NLP, Yoga, Face Yoga and Beauty Therapy.
I focus on all aspects of keeping the body and mind feeling and looking youthful and energised. Oh, and I believe you can age backwards! My healing journey through hormone imbalance and infertility has helped me transform my most challenging experiences to live a juicy, exquisite, and ageless life – a work always in progress…"
Languages I speak: English
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Nicole McGrath - Naperville, IL, USA
"As a Super Trainer, I am thrilled to be a part one’s Face Yoga journey and honored to play a supportive role in this exciting chapter. When I discovered The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method and saw the results, I too, was eager to share all the amazing benefits of Face Yoga with others. Face Yoga has been such a positive impact in my life and it is such a wonderful addition to one’s self-care routine. I truly believe that Face Yoga helps us to both look and feel our absolute best. In addition to being a Super Trainer, I currently teach online Face Yoga classes!"
Languages I speak: English.
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Rowena Perrott - UK
"I’m very proud to be one of 5 Super Trainers in the UK and a member of The Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga Method “family”. I love helping other people and truly believe anyone can benefit from the programme, whether from a cosmetic or wellbeing point of view.
Face yoga makes me feel good inside and out, so I would like as many other people as possible to experience that too! If you want to learn with a friendly and patient teacher who will give you plenty of support and likes to have fun, I would love to hear from you. I specialise in one to ones and distance learning and teach any age."
Languages I speak: English.
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Dr Ethan See - Singapore
"I am honoured to be a Super Trainer of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method. The face has taken on an ever more important role in today’s world. Professionally, people are meeting more frequently on video calls, and it has become imperative for us to have a healthy and vibrant-looking face. When we do regular Face Yoga routines, we also send a positive message to ourselves that we take time to do self-care. Face Yoga can enhance our skin condition safely and effectively. As a Teacher, I find great delight in teaching Face Yoga sessions to benefit others in their quest for facial wellness."
Languages I speak: English, Mandarin.
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Victoria Adams - South West London, UK
"I have worked in the wellness industry for 11 years as a Yoga Teacher, Facial Exercise Coach, PT, Nutritionist + Certified Health Coach. I understand stress very well and work with clients to manage their hormonal health (including cortisol!) to balance energy levels, improve skin health + complexion, posture, lift their sense of wellbeing, blast belly fat, and find easy ways of living healthfully without compromising on the demands of everyday life, whether you’re a working like a superhero or a stay at home supermum. As a Super Trainer, I will teach you to do the same and launch your wellbeing business as well as see positive changes in your own physical and energetic wellbeing."
Languages I speak: English, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Croatian.
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Nihan Toker - Izmir, Turkey
"I am passionate about encouraging and empowering women to feel their best at any age. I am incredibly passionate about encouraging you to achieve your potential and inspiring you to bring your beautiful inner light through face yoga teacher training."
Languages I speak: Turkish, English.

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Kris Davies, South Wales, UK
"Hi! I am passionate about helping others fulfil their true potential with confidence. I've been a beauty and holistic therapist (humans and animals!) for almost 38 years and a few years ago healed myself from debilitating fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. If it wasn’t for mindset, meditation, facial techniques, I don’t know how I could have faced the world or begin my healing journey. I trained in face yoga previously but re-trained with Danielle Collins earlier this year because I needed a higher level of training compared to what I was already offering and honoured to become a Super Trainer in the Danielle Collins method. Face Yoga has offered incredible confidence in myself and allowed me to take my business online throughout this current pandemic. In addition, I offer 1-1 face yoga, workshops and am a top selling author on my fiibro journey."
Languages spoken: English and a tiny amount of Welsh

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Dominika Sobesto - Ealing Broadway, London, UK
I discovered Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method less than a year ago and I immediately knew that it is something that I want to live as a woman, yogi and teacher. Besides the great benefits of strengthening exercises, relaxation massages, acupressure and relaxation techniques, the greatest benefit is that you learn how to touch yourself with love, grace, respect and acceptance and that is what makes you feel and look younger and healthier!
I firmly believe that Face Yoga has the potential to be profoundly therapeutic. By cultivating breath and hands awareness with intelligent sequencing, as a Super Trainer of Danielle Collins I invite my students to let go of self-judgment. I create space to feel and explore your own unique beautiful experience of being in the body. ‘By channeling energy and giving intentions to each practice, miracles can happen in life.’
Languages spoken: Polish, English

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