13: This Is How To Do Your Make Up For Instantly Younger Looking Skin

Head & shoulders photo of Tahira Makeup

Celebrity make up artist Tahira is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skin. She’s internationally renowned for her make up skills on TV and film and has worked with so many big names in the entertainment industry. She is also a specialist in ethical, natural and organic make up and beauty. In this episode Tahira shares with us the biggest mistakes we all make when it comes to our make up routine. She shares tips on how the skin can look fresher, younger and healthier with a few simple make up techniques and even tells us how to do the perfect smokey eye. She gives practical advice on simple tips for our busy life, shares upcoming make up trends and tells us exactly when we should wash our make up brushes! Everything Tahira speaks about is from a place of self care, conscious living and cultivating self love. It’s an amazing episode in which I am sure you will learn as much as I did. 

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