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Whether you’re one of our Face Yoga teachers, thinking of joining our Face Yoga family and doing the teacher training course, whether you’re a therapist or a Yoga teacher, or you simply own a business, this blog post will help you find a way to be successful in your Face Yoga business. 

Step One

Naturally, the first step is taking our accredited certification and becoming a Face Yoga teacher. There are three ways to do so, including:

  • Distance learning, where you study entirely from home
  • Taking a group course in person or via video call
  • Doing a one-to-one in person or via video call

For more information about how to sign up for our certified Face Yoga teacher training and to share these amazing techniques with others, check out this helpful resource

Once you’ve got your certification and are able to teach Facial Yoga anywhere in the world to groups and individuals, how do you start making money, advertising yourself, and growing the brand? Here are a few helpful tips.


Word of Mouth

The number one way to grow or start a Face Yoga business is word of mouth. Sure, we live in a very digital age, but there’s still no better way of getting out there what you do than talking to people. I often recommend to just start talking to friends, family, and acquaintances and mention that you’re training in Face Yoga, have just qualified to be a teacher, or have been teaching for a few years.

The wonderful thing is that everybody instantly wants to hear more about Face Yoga. So whether they’re completely new to it and say “what is Face Yoga?” and you explain to them “it’s exercise, massage and relaxation for the face to help it look and feel healthier,” or if it’s somebody who’s heard of Face Yoga, are dying to have a go, and want you to show them a few techniques, chatting about it passionately is a great way to get the word out.

Also, word of mouth through clients recommending to their friends and family is fantastic as well. This will just happen when you help, share and inspire through you amazing sessions and your client walks away with a boost to their wellness and a glow in their face. If one client tells one person who tells one person and so on, that will go a long way.

Social Media

You don’t have to be on social media. For many years, I wasn’t and I grew a successful business with a full client base. But in 2020, social media has a place and an important one at that. If you feel comfortable having a social media presence, it can be highly impactful. You don’t have to have a huge follower count to make social media worth your while, but you do have to be incredibly consistent and have a lot of perseverance and dedication.


Before I even had a website, I used to go to breakfast networking events, stand up, and tell a group of people what I did and who I was and then get referred to clients. And that still works. But you need to find a group of people you’re happy with. There are lots of networking groups, women’s circles, and online groups that you can be a part of. 

With Danielle Collins Face Yoga, we really encourage you to be part of our family. We have a Facebook group where our teachers can join, chat to each other, and be part of our community, Plus we help promote our teachers on our dedicated Instagram page @faceyogateachertraining. 

Posters and Leaflet Drops

This is another more old-school method that I did for years. I’d put up posters in health food shops, gyms, spas, and salons, and I’d drop leaflets into people’s houses and give them out on the streets. And I still believe that even in our digital age, there is strength in this method.


Another way to really grow your Face Yoga career or side hustle is to have a website. You can build a website for free these days with an easy template. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a way for people to contact you.

Email Lists

I’m a big believer in getting people’s email addresses – people you work with, people who come to your sessions – and start sending newsletters. When you arrive in people’s email boxes, they’re much more likely to see it than they are a social media post. After all, only two to four percent of people who follow you on social media will even see your posts. Emails are so much better in so many ways.

The Face Yoga Expert

Free Trial Classes

Giving people a little taster of what you offer before they sign up is another one of my favourite marketing techniques.

Four Practical Ways to Make Money in Face Yoga

1. Through Your Classes

Here, you have two choices. 

First, you can set up on your own. This means you hire a venue, advertise for clients, people pay you per class, and you’re responsible for everything that comes with the class. This way there’s more risk because you’re paying up front, but there’s lots more reward. If you fill your venue, you can make a lot more than if you pay by the hour for an external venue.

If you prefer to go through an external venue, whether it’s a gym, spa, beauty salon, or organized group, you’ll charge an hourly rate to come along. There’s much less risk but potentially less payment (but not always!).

But, of course, these options aren’t so relevant during COVID-19. So instead, you can take your classes to Zoom. You can do the exact same advertising, set up a class the same way you would in a venue, have a large group of people join in, and see them regularly. 

2. Workshops

Usually workshops last an hour and a half, but they can be up to six hours if you want them to be, or even have them as part of a retreat with other experts. They can be a great way of allowing people to really get into and understand the Face Yoga techniques and bring in that holistic aspect of Yoga, beauty, and health. Like classes, you can set up on your own or you can work in an established venue like a Yoga studio or a spa. And, of course, it works just as well on Zoom. 

3. One-to-One

Usually, for one-to-one, you’ll set up on your own or do it from home by Skype or Zoom. This can be done as a one-off, where you teach somebody the key Face Yoga techniques, give them a personalised plan, and they will be happy. Or they may like to have a monthly, weekly, or twice weekly session. You’ll have to decide what’s right for you. That’s what’s so beautiful about being a Face Yoga teacher: there’s so much flexibility. 

4. Online Products and Services

While you can’t set up a teacher training school (the only restriction you have when taking our teacher training course), you can write courses and online workshops for your clients and advertise for your website as long as it’s not a direct copy of our manual. If you bring in your own words and techniques and make it unique and special, you are more than welcome to have your own online products and services. I actually encourage this as what I want from the bottom of my heart is for every one of our teachers to do as well as possible and be the amazing successes I know they can be. Some of our teachers have made books, DVDs, and apps; there are so many things you can do in that sense. And, as a certified  Danielle Collins Face Yoga teacher, you get a discount on all of our products, which you can then include as part of sessions or make them available for purchase to your clients. 

I hope this information is helpful so you can find the most success in being a Face Yoga teacher. I can’t wait for you to be part of our Face Yoga family and have fun in what I believe is the best career there is! 

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